Category: Afternoon Distraction

An Afternoon Distraction: Baby Elephant

You. Guys. This is bound the be the cutest moment of your Monday. And, that baby elephant Belle and I share a birthday which, you know I love my birthday, so that just makes me love her all the more. Enjoy this 1:56 of pure adorableness.

Afternoon Distraction : Amy Stroup

Writing the last chapter of this book that is due, well, today, and I’m writing about the importance of holding on. My sweet friend Amy Stroup sings about it here and I’ve got this song on repeat as I crawl towards the finish line of the first draft of this book. (Pray for me?)

Afternoon Distraction : Steve Moakler

I love Steve Moakler. For his music. For his heart. He’s just a good dude. And you’ll see that when you watch this video. And right there in the middle, Steve slides this line in there that I have now written on a notecard and hung over my desk, because he just plain gets it.

Afternoon Distraction : Dance With Me

I’m a newer fan of Clarensau, but gracious. I’m impressed. Spotify introduced us, and now they are playing through my ears as I attempt to finish writing this book. This particular song is adorable. Have y’all heard of them before?

Afternoon Distraction : Hosea 10:12

So I did an interview with Bible Gateway a little bit ago about a Bible verse I am trying to understand. Though I rarely (never) am my own afternoon distraction, I wanted to share this with you.

Afternoon Distraction : Head To My Heart

I think it is fair to call Elenowen my favorite band right now. [Just don’t tell Mumford & Sons, I’m sure it would hurt their feelings.] Elenowen has been my constant companions as I’ve written books this year. This song plays in my mind a lot.

Afternoon Distraction : Tiffany and Keoki

Tiffany Thurston is an incredible worship leader and the visionary behind the Bloom Conference. She is also a dear friend. I’ve seen this video before and yet every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. Such a sweet couple to know and such a sweet God we have. Tiffany & Keoki ::

Afternoon Distraction : The Real Alice

Have we discussed that I have a strong affection for Disney movies? Particularly ones from the 50s and 60s? It’s how my mama raised us- watching old Disney movies. So this clip of how the illustrators drew Alice from Alice in Wonderland was really cool to watch I thought.