Category: Afternoon Distraction

Afternoon Distraction : Prancercise

Nothing will get your weekend started like a little Prancercise. So many questions. Just… lots. See y’all Monday! [PS- don’t forget the Word Revolution Devotional will no longer be available as a free download after today. So grab it if  you want it!]

Afternoon Distraction : Wagon Wheel

I love Lady A’s webisodes. Especially when they are on the road a lot, as they are right now, it’s a great way to see my people every week. 🙂 Love these guys. And seriously. Is Hillary not TOTES ADORBS pregnant?!?! I know. It’s the cutest.

I love an Afternoon Distraction

Here’s the thing. I sit at my computer all day long. I’m talking ALL. DAY. LONG. And I am so grateful for my job and what I get to do but trust me when I say it can get boring to sit at your computer all day long. Most days, around 2pm-ish, after I’ve had

Afternoon Distraction: Mental Floss

As previously stated, I have some favorite channels on YouTube. Mental Floss is quickly becoming one of them because, in the spirit of a good afternoon distraction, it is less than ten minutes but longer than three and tells me things I didn’t already know. So far, this video on undomesticated domesticated animals has been

Afternoon Distraction : VANDY!

If you are anything like me, you are biting your nails off watching the last few innings of the SEC baseball tournament match-up between Vandy and South Carolina! GO DORES!! Watch the game live here!

Afternoon Distraction: Brave

I love this song from Sara Bareilles on about eleventybillion different levels. I can’t quit listening to it. You know how important words are to me, so to hear a song like this really gets me excited.

Afternoon Distraction : Animal Q&A

I don’t even like animals that much, but I love The Brain Scoop. One of my favorite youtube channels. [Yes, I have favorite youtube channels. Love me anyways.]