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Q Boston!

So in two weeks, I’m going to be in Boston and I totally want you to come as well. I can’t wait to go to Boston. There’s just something about Quincy Market and those cannolis from Mike’s Pastry are a blessing… says an Annie who used to eat dairy. I get to go to Boston

Brave On The Road

So here’s a fun thing. I have a video intern this semester. I know, I feel like the luckiest human in the ever. Her name is Kristen and she is SUPER TALENTED and fun to be around and she fits around the dining room table / office like she has always been here. Sarah and

I made a list of things.

I have not forgotten the blog exists, I promise. Since getting back from Ecuador, I’ve been going ninety miles a minute trying to prep for two weeks of travel and buying a new car and writing some things and meetings and I HAVE FELT SOME OF THE PANIC. Forgive me. But here is what you

Why IF:Local Matters

In just a few weeks, I’ll be in Austin, Texas for IF:Gathering. Lucky for me, just like last year, I get to be part of the hosting team along with my great pal Joy Eggerichs, particularly hosting the IF:Local livestream. Ever since last February, it has been hilarious how many people at churches or events

Q Women

I’m supposed to play it cool here. “Oh yeah, totes normal, I’m speaking at a Q Event, I mean, duh, of course.” What I actually feel on my insides is, “OH MY GRAVY WHAT IS HAPPENING DO THEY REALIZE WHAT THEY’VE DONE AM I ALLOWED TO BE FUNNY DO THEY KNOW I MAKE DUMB JOKES

Let’s hang this summer.

I love Memorial Day. It just feels full of people having a great time. And you know me, I love to have a great time. We were out on the lake all Saturday (and I do not have a sunburn thank you very much), and then we went to my favorite corner of middle Tennessee

Road Life: Travel Must-Haves

Oh friends. What a fun weekend we had at the Becoming Conference. The leadership is awesome and the girls were the sweetest and California is as dreamy as you can imagine. I’m on weekend three of a five weekend run of speaking and traveling. I leave tomorrow for Atlanta where I do a couple of

California Love.

I’m in California. In case you didn’t know from the instagrams. I’m so excited to be speaking at the Becoming Girls Conference today and tomorrow – of all my travels and speaking events coming up, this is DEFINITELY the best weather. I mean. Flip-flops. Sunshine. Warmth. Joy. Pretty much the opposite of Nashville and it’s

Road Life begins.

After a few weeks off, this weekend kicked off my 2014 speaking and travel season. I spent this weekend in Texas, and the next few weekends go like this: Gatlinburg Los Angeles Atlanta Austin Nashville San Fransisco Louisville Augusta, Georgia And by “next few,” I mean I have Valentine’s weekend at home, the Girls of

Day 21 :: Two Free Birds

I cannot wait for tonight. A few times a year Ellie Holcomb and I get to travel together and share with crowds of gals. Ellie sings, sharing the words she has written and put to music, I chat about words words words, and then we hang on stage together and cluck like hens and answer