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Takin’ it to the streets!

I want legwarmers and jazz hands for this announcement, but I have them not. Here’s the announcement: It’s time for a BOOK TOUR, y’all!!! Yes, sweet little Perfectly Unique has now made herself known on the internet and in bookstores and is arriving in homes every day and it’s crazy fun. And now she has

Things you need to know about Charlotte.

Recap posts. I like them. And you are welcome, I took a lot of pictures this weekend. First, let me say, I am absolutely in heaven being a part of Girls of Grace. And the Point of Grace women are so kind to me and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be friends forever. The crew

Charlotte. A list.

Let me make a list of reasons I am excited that Girls of Grace heads to Charlotte this weekend. Everybody cool with a list? Me hopes yes. 1. This new banner. Do you love it or WHAT? I know. I’m dying with happy. Jonathan Rush designed it and it is just plain adorable. Also, it

Phoenix: The City Without Books

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to watch me speak from a church baptistry? Me neither. But there it is —> It’s Monday afternoon and I’m awake and a productive member of society. I slept in today a bit, feeling like a No Alarm Monday was somewhat deserved. After traveling from Scotland

Girls of Grace in Phoenix!

It’s my last day in Edinburgh and what a joy joy joy these two weeks have been. I think the best recap comes in the photo documentation I have done over on the ol’ instagram. Suffice it to say that having two hometowns, on two different continents, can feel a bit whackadoodle at times, sad

The Blue Circle

Subtitle: The Best Idea I Ever Had That I Actually Followed Through With [Subtitle’s Subtitle: That’s Probably Not Totally True But It Feels That Way] Alternate Subtitle: Putting 2K Miles On Your Car Is Worth It When Cool People Are At Every Stop [Alternate Subtitle’s Subtitle: A Love Letter To My Toyota Camry] . .

Girls of Grace Conference!

I’m interrupting this holiday [with grateful in my heart to all the servicemen and women] to say this: EEEEEEEK! Let me explain: Starting in July 2012, I get to be one of the speakers for the Girls of Grace Conference. Hence the EEEEEEEK!. I’m sure you understand. I’ve updated my AnnieSpeaks page, so you can see

I’ll be walking in Memphis.

Hey all you friends in a driving distance to Memphis! I’ve got some good news. I don’t know what you were planning on doing on Saturday, June 9th, but your plans just changed. You need to come hang out with me at the Girls of Grace event. OH YES. I am so excited to be

Here’s the haircut. And some other things.

So there you go. Before and after. I feel absolutely 100% ridiculous showing this photo, but I figure if I ask your opinion, you deserve to see the final product from yesterday. I am going to be so surprised if my hair ever looks that totally awesome again because Annie Downs is not overly skilled

The time has come.

For a haircut. It started with this question [the red one] during the Q&A session at the retreat where I spoke last weekend…. I know. Hilarious. [Trust me. There were a lot of serious hard-hitting make-you-take-a-deep-breath kind of questions too. I didn’t photograph those. I prayed over those.] Here’s how I answered “Has your hair