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I am inviting myself over.

I have this bad habit [you can ask Nester or Emily] of deciding that when I want to see my friends, I just invite myself over. So I have a crazy idea. Today, I’m going to invite myself over to your house. Because I want us to be friends and hang out and stuff. Here’s

Allume 2012

You guys. YOU GUYS. I hope you’re coming to Allume. I really really do. I hope you buy a ticket tonight at midnight for the early bird price. Because I’m speaking there. And that is super fun and exciting on a lot of levels. Let’s begin those levels now: Level 1. I love Sarah Mae

Retreat road-tripping with your BFF and other highlights.

One of the greatest joys of getting to be a speaker [besides forcing people to laugh at my jokes] is that it has given me reason to bring along some of my best friends as my assistants/table workers/hairdresser/makeup artist/food preparer/body guards, etc. [There’s lots of exaggeration there. Just FYI.] Pretty much, I get to pay people to be

Retreat season, she is upon us.

If you follow me on twitter or on instagram, then you probably already know this – but I got to spend last weekend with the lovely ladies from the University of Georgia Wesley Foundation. It was fun, y’all. One of the girls asked me, “do you like speaking or writing more?” and I answered very