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Looking For Lovely bookplates!

It’s Looking For Lovely‘s first Christmas! Baby’s first Christmas! I should definitely get an ornament. BRB… ordering a glittery one from Etsy. 🙂 But seriously- it gets me so so excited to think that a lot of friends will find Looking For Lovely inside the wrapping paper of their Christmas gifts this year! (Which. By

I am on social media restriction.

When I was a teenager, my parents put me on restriction for one of two reasons: I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to do. Where I wanted to go, they didn’t want me to go, and the only way to protect me was to ground me. When I was on restriction, it meant no

Reasons Not To Clean Your Room: A Cover Girl Story

I entered a contest in 10th grade with Brio Magazine to attempt to have the messiest bedroom. I did nothing to make it worse- I just took pictures of the situation. Mainly, it looked like my closet threw up everywhere. And my dresser. And my bookshelf. You just haven’t seen a place like Annie’s Teenaged

AFTER I finish a book….

So the book has been turned in for five days and I’ve just been a busy little bee since then. In a weird turn of events, my birthday was Sunday after turning a book in on Thursday, so that made for some additional unusual excitement. [And excitement it was! I’m stoked to be 33… I

How I finish a book.

Apparently you ignore your blog, for starters. [Sorry about that.] Now that the first draft of my next book is turned in as of four days ago, I begged my editor to let me tell you about it, but she says it’s not quite ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD time yet, so I can’t. But I

I stole a television.

When I was 22 years old, I lived with a family of seven. And when I moved out, I stole their television. Hop over to (in)courage today to read the whole story.   . . . . . . Are you new around these parts? Well welcome! Hi. I’m Annie. I write books for my

I’m quiet because I’m scared.

I’m writing another book. Speak Love is finished and turned in and based on how long my editor has had it in her genius paws, I’m guessing there was A LOT TO BE DONE TO THE DOCUMENT. [I’m thankful. Great editors MAKE great books.] It will be out in September and I cannot wait for

What April 1 means to me.

Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, I absolutely loved April Fool’s Day. Our hometown newspaper always took April 1 to try to slide in ridiculous stories and funny tidbits. I clearly remember running downstairs on the morning of April 1 and seeing the paper open on the table and scanning every story to see if it

An Interview with an Intern.

Not just any intern. My intern. THIS intern. Yes. Connor is a girl of grace. Truly. [Duh I made him do that.] As you may know from my social media, Connor has been interning for me this semester. I love having interns- it helps so much to have another human working with me at Downs

What’s Your Mark?

About a year ago, I got a call to be a part of this project called What’s Your Mark?. My friend Jeremy Cowart had been asked by Zondervan to photograph twenty or so people that they decided were making a significant mark on the world, whether big or small. And they were asking me to