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The Wasting Hours

For the last few weeks, I’ve been calling these “the witching hours” until today when I actually went and read the definition of “witching hour” and yikes. So these hours shall henceforth be known at The Wasting Hours. . . . . . It seems, that in my new full-time job as an author, I

World Wide Web Wound-up!

That is actually supposed to say “round-up” but I couldn’t resist the alliteration and the mental picture of a four year old cowboy yelling it across the prairie. [I love the West. I’m in bad need of a trip to the Oregon Trail and the cowboy territories of the USA.] I don’t have a ton

I haven’t forgotten.

Part 1. I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog. I promise. Part 2. I haven’t forgotten the things you said to me on December 9, 2010. I like to go back and read that blog post. I like to think about all the things that you want to do with your life. I like

Winners of the Christmas pack!!

Get ready, people. Santa Annie is sending you a little mail today! Here are the winners, as picked by my top elf, #31. Libbi H … she’s giving the extra copy to her cousin or her best friend. Blood is thicker than water, Libbi. But BFFs are thicker than jello. So…. I’m glad that’s

Christmasy giveaway!

So I made a silly mistake when I mailed out a bunch of the Christmas gift packs last week. I included a candy cane. Seems like a simple addition, does it not? Just a little candy cane to brighten the spirits, and the breath, of young ladies around the USA. Unfortunately, it seems, from what

A few things about a few things.

I’m alive! In crazy weeks like this, if you are worried that something disastrous has happened to my mortal body, you should probably check on twitter. Or Instagram. [I love me some Instagram.] Or facebook. Really, whatever your heart desires. Because I’m able to pop in easier over there. But hey! I’m popping in here at AnnieBlogs!

Christmas gift pack 2011!

Well, people. It is finally here. I am so excited show you the AWESOME From Head to Foot Christmas Gift Pack for 2011! I called up a bunch of my buddies and got everybody together in Annie’s Christmas workshop and said, “let’s make the coolest Christmas gift pack ever.” So we did. If you have

The thing about blogging.

The thing about blogging is that it gives us each a chance to share a few moments of our day with our reader friends. I love blogging when I get to tell about seeing the Royal family or when I learn a new recipe. I love blogging when, in all honesty, the writing is good


I could give you 1000 reasons that I keep blogging. There is only one reason I started. I started because my sister blogged. And being that we are only 15 months apart, we pretty much lived with an “if she can do it, so can I” attitude. [Not super great for our relationship, but we

Boot Camp is killing my blog.

Because I eat dinner and then go to bed. I’m pretty sure I’m the wildest girl around- you know, in the bed by 9pm and all, cause I gotta be up and smiling by 4:30am. Anyways, I’m terribly sorry about the blog silence. Here are some things: 1. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers last week.