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A confession about a confession.

Here is my confession. I wrote an article for (in)courage about my girlfriends in Nashville. And I didn’t tell them. Or ask their permission. I just did it. Oops. You can read it here- A Community Confession. But don’t tell the girls. First I’ve got to figure out my apology for posting their picture on

Twirling… into the weekend.

I have literally never said this before and I’m afraid I will never say it again. But this article, Turning, is probably my favorite thing I’ve had the pleasure of writing. I’m so so proud that I get to post it at (in)courage– it’s like my beach house for writing, so I go there as

These are a few of my favorite things.

I just have to make a list. You know how I feel about lists. — I just finished reading the third book in Mary DeMuth’s Defiance Texas Triology. It’s called Life in Defiance and I am telling y’all, this has been one of the most enjoyable series I have read in a while. I highly

What a fancy Friday.

I have two friends who call me “Fancy” and I don’t know if it is more an homage to my love for Reba or because I am, in fact, very fancy. But either way, it is deeply endearing. [I tell you the weirdest things. I can’t help it. Sorry.] There are three seriously awesome things

I’m gonna need your eyes and your ears.

First of all, thank you for your sweet comments and personal emails you sent yesterday, and for the last week, regarding the floods here. In fact, I got multiple emails from people headed our way to help volunteer. Amazing. Here’s a few things for you on your Tuesday. Tuesday is always the day that new

Internet Nerd.

I wanted to make a joke about being “bloggy-promiscuous” here, but really. I think that’s probably inappropriate. I’m not sure of the level of inappropriate, but it is probably somewhere above my average don’t-write-that level. “Internet nerd” is a good enough title I guess, but it lacks zing. Sorry. But here’s the thing. I’ve got

Around the internet in 7 clicks.

I have so many things to tell you about. Just things. That are great. And I’m a big believer in sharing. So let’s do it. EASY CLICK OF THE WEEK: My sweet friend Natalie has made it to the Top 10 to win a worldwide travel internship. Would you take literally two seconds to vote

A bad case of the [thankful] Mondays.

It was that kind of weekend. The kind of weekend that you put up on a shelf and stare at for a little bit, and then say to yourself, “that was a keeper.” I told you last week that one of my Nash-BFFs Betsy was in town. She moved away after Christmas and was here


I have a new post up today at SheSeeks about changing careers. You know, something I may do again. Who knows. Also, if you leave a comment, you could win THIS AWESOME BOOK from my friend Shannon. So check check check check check it out. [Say that out loud to yourself like you are a

Grace. Etc.

First of all, you people love you some instructional videos. I feel like linen closets near and far are being transformed. Brings a tear to my organizational eye to hear so many of you making strides in folding areas of your life. I salute you, new members of the fold. [Literally.] I’m so stinkin’ glad