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Merry Click-mas.

That’s not disrespectful to the baby Jesus. I just have some links for you, and thinking you might enjoy a little play on words, I went for it. Forgive me if you are offended. First of all, today is my day to post over at (in)courage. And, because I tackle the deep and moving topics,


When I moved to Nashville, I had no plans. No idea with what to do with my days. Except to cry and beg God to let me go home to Atlanta. [That went well.] But now I sit here, a writer. A nanny. An employee. A friend. And it’s crazy. Most recent new title: Help

I’m ornamental.

I don’t even know what that means. But I’ll now distract you from the title by saying, “hey! look! here’s a picture!!” It’s a new tradition. I’m going to photograph myself with each of my ornaments. Every year. [Pause here to think about the ridiculousness of this idea.] Nah, I’m kidding. Though the more I

It’s SheSeeks vloggy time.

I don’t know how much I’ve even told you about this. I know I told you that I wrote an article for SheSeeks. But I DON’T think I told you that I am on the She Seeks Team of writers. SSQQQEEEEEAAAALLLL!! Um. Hello. What. An. Honor. I must now bring my emotions under control and

It’s not so much true anymore.

Last week, I sat and chatted with my dear friend Annie Parsons. While I ate sushi and she had a seaweed salad [ewww], we discussed some articles I had worked on that week. I said, “I can’t really believe I even wrote the article; I mean, I don’t EEEH-VER blog about being single.” [Because extending