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What do you want me to write about?

Every so often, I like to take a little time out from the things I want to write and ask you that question. What do you want me to blog about?  I mean, do you need some new recipes? Or want to hear about new good music? Want a funny story from Scotland or an

Ask AnnieBlogs: Small group!

Sometimes people ask me stuff. And I like to answer them here on the ol’ bloggy. This does not mean that I know everything about everything. I’m just sharing my opinions and experiences. Amen. Today’s post is about one of the very best parts of my life right now: my Cross Point small group! The

Ask AnnieBlogs: Book club scoop!

We’re gonna start something a little new today. Every now and again [read: whenever you email me], I’m going to answer questions you guys may have… I have no idea what kind of lunacy I’m opening myself up to, but I’m kinda pumped about it. . . . . . So on Monday, as I