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New Headshots: It Takes A Village

With each new book that releases, I get to have new headshots taken. I think new headshots are fun. WAY FUN. Here is my favorite– It looks like me, but a really-fancy-done-up version of me. As these collection of pictures make their way around the internet and magazines and et cetera over the next few

I’m quiet because I’m scared.

I’m writing another book. Speak Love is finished and turned in and based on how long my editor has had it in her genius paws, I’m guessing there was A LOT TO BE DONE TO THE DOCUMENT. [I’m thankful. Great editors MAKE great books.] It will be out in September and I cannot wait for

What April 1 means to me.

Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, I absolutely loved April Fool’s Day. Our hometown newspaper always took April 1 to try to slide in ridiculous stories and funny tidbits. I clearly remember running downstairs on the morning of April 1 and seeing the paper open on the table and scanning every story to see if it

Sparkly Green Earrings

I have this memory from sometime in the late 2000s. Melanie, Sophie, and I were riding in a car in Charlotte, NC looking for a place to have some queso dip and Melanie was talking about wanting to write a book. [This is also the same trip where Sophie introduced me to boo-berry biscuits from Bojangles

Looking forward.

Sometimes God gives you this glimpse into who you want to be. Do you know what I mean? Maybe you’ve been pregnant and watched kids on a playground and it took your breath away because you knew that was your future 0r maybe you’ve wanted to be an actress and watching someone accept an Oscar


I’m a huge Waltons fan. I mean, I love that show so deeply. It’s a family thing- we were raised on it. It’s also an Appalachian thing- they are my people. So it is what I would deem a life-long love we’ve got going on, me and the Waltons. Ask any of my friends. It’s

I don’t have a job. [A homage to Mocha Club]

Ok, well, that’s not totally true. I mean, I work. I just don’t have what the world would call “a real job” anymore. [But welcome to Nashville where most of us don’t. I like it.] Since August of 2008, Mocha Club has been a weekly part of my life. I started as a volunteer for a

I haven’t forgotten.

Part 1. I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog. I promise. Part 2. I haven’t forgotten the things you said to me on December 9, 2010. I like to go back and read that blog post. I like to think about all the things that you want to do with your life. I like

THAT’S what I call a weekend.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days and I’m so happy about it. Friday morning, I popped down to London and visited for a bit with Grant and Lucy, some friends from UGA that are living there. It was fun and we talked through some cultural challenges we have all dealt with. [Just because we

I love Edinburgh in the autumn.

That is absolutely NOT how the song goes. Anyways…. I had a profound experience in Scotland when I was there in January/February. [Here’s a post about why I went to Scotland– just in case you need/want a recap.] I don’t remember the day of said profound experience, but I remember where I was. There is