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What I hope.

Tonight, my small group ends. After three and a half years together, more tears and laughs than we could ever count, and dinner together every Tuesday night, it’s over. I just can’t even believe it. Aren’t they the most beautiful humans you’ve ever seen? (A few are missing from this picture, but trust me- they

ACM Awards Prep thanks to Mary Kay®!

You guys know I have special place in my heart for award shows, particularly when it involves country music. Remember I got to go to the Grammys with my friend Hillary in 2010? And remember when I got to go to the CMA Awards in 2014? Yeah. I love award shows. I blame the sparkle.

Feeling very fashionABLE.

I have to tell you (in case you don’t know)… I am a huge fan of the fashionABLE product line. If you don’t know fashionABLE, you should read the whole story of the creation of the company here. But simply stated, your purchase of a fashionABLE product creates sustainable business in Africa. Also? EVERYTHING IS

Lent 2015

I love Lent. It’s my favorite season of the year. There is something about the quiet and the without-ness and the focus that is given to us for these next 47 days (okay, fair, 46) that I really really love. I grew up in the Methodist Church and so I have always known Ash Wednesday

When my small group schooled me.

I just have to tell y’all what happened last night at small group because while it makes me look like a bit of a buffoon, it shows how incredible my small group is. So we are doing Joy Eggerichs’s Illumination Project. It is incredible and I think any small group would benefit from it. This

What I learned about God from Nicole and Jimmy.

Please tell me you’ve seen this clip with Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman from Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show? Where Nicole tells him that ten years ago she hung out with him thinking they could maybe be a thing- both were single and she was interested. He thought it was a hang out

When singleness feels like a mess.

Being single during the holidays sometimes feels like a mess. I’m a pretty confident fun-loving gal who appreciates the life I have. But something happens during the holiday season- my friend Kelley calls it “hyper-awareness”- when my singleness just feels. IT FEELS. It’s palpable in December moments in ways it never shows in April. God

Christmas Crackoff!

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year- the night when my small group gals all spend the night. We call it a Small Group Snoozle because we think that is funny. This is our 6th one; we have spent the night here at my house on the last Tuesday of the

2014 Bookplates!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…… BOOKPLATES! No joke. For three years running now this has become one of my very.favorite.things. Autographed books as Christmas gifts are awesome. Unfortunately, unless you live on my street in Nashville, I can’t personalize each book. BUT. I can mail you a signed bookplate that sticks inside

What you should tell your teen (and yourself) about Kim Kardashian

If you haven’t seen, new nude magazine cover photos were released of Kim Kardashian this week. (It’s not the first time, but it surely seems to be the most viral release.) It has been hard, nearly impossible, to avoid seeing her full backside displayed, and as of yesterday, her full frontside as well. And while