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Quit Facebook for money?

I read this article last week and thought it was so fascinating. A Dad in Boston paid his teen daughter $200 to quit Facebook for five months. What are the reasons behind this? They don’t say. The article says it was the daughter’s idea. I wonder…. was she being bullied? were her grades suffering? was

#CPCollege Christmas Party

I had a total other plan for this blog post today. But then last night was just one of those nights that you think you’ll never forget but you want to make sure you don’t by blogging about it. And so I shall. It has been exactly one year that I’ve been serving with Cross

Small Group Snoozle.

Tonight is the night. All of my small group gals will arrive at my house at 6:30pm, hyper to the Nth degree, with snacks and sleeping bags and movies and tweezers and iPhones. You may call this a normal Tuesday night for our group, and it would be, minus the sleeping bags. But it’s our

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken – HOMEMADE!

So you know that I cook for my Cross Point small group every Tuesday night. It’s one of my favorite things- I love trying new recipes and thanks to pinterest, it isn’t always so difficult to feed twelve consistently hungry girls. A few weeks ago, I saw this recipe for Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

Why you (and your daughter) should see Katy Perry’s movie.

Well, at least my title was succinct. I’m known for my economy of words. A few weeks ago, some friends and I loaded up and headed to see Katy Perry’s movie Part of Me. I’m a fan of the music documentary- especially pop musicians. If you haven’t seen Never Say Never – the documentary about

Summer of the invisible small group.

My people. They are gone. My Tuesday nights have gotten so quiet now that the gals have all gone home for the summer. No more recipes, no more small group snoozle parties, no more crying and laughing at the same time. [Yes, we did that. Often.] One of the hard parts of leading a college

Pizza Rollz for my people.

Friday night was somethin’, y’all. Really somethin’. You know those crazy college gals that I meet with every week? They spent the night. All of them, minus one. [You can twitter stalk the whole experience by looking up the hashtag #smallgroupsnoozle. It’s funny.] We had a crazy good time. I’m not gonna blog about how

Ask AnnieBlogs: Small group!

Sometimes people ask me stuff. And I like to answer them here on the ol’ bloggy. This does not mean that I know everything about everything. I’m just sharing my opinions and experiences. Amen. Today’s post is about one of the very best parts of my life right now: my Cross Point small group! The

Why I journal.

Earlier this week, I was hanging with two of the girls from my Cross Point small group, talking about school and dudes and Lent and gal stuff. You know, just some chicks cluckin’ about life. I kinda half-mentioned that the girls should bring their journals to small group that night. And to my utter shock,

Teach me how to Duggar.

You know how some of you guys have little people in your lives and you have to feed them a few times a day? Well. I don’t have those. I mainly just have to make sure I have cereal and bananas and a piece of chicken every now and again. Or make sure I know