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CSB Notetaking Bible Giveaway!

Let me just tell ya’ll something -the Bible is POWERFUL. God is really generous in tending to my heart and soul, and so much of that happens for me through reading and studying the Bible. The cool thing about the CSB Notetaking Bible is that it’s designed to enhance personal Bible study as well as preparation for

Belle Chèvre

So about two months ago, the girls and I decided it was time to get serious and get sophisticated. Our lovely local farmers’ market was hosting a wine and cheese festival, so we purchased tickets, showed up on a chilly October day, and entered into a heaven we did not know existed. Rows and rows

TOP 5 FRIDAY: Hillsong (+ a giveaway!)

First of all, the winner of Sarah Martin’s Stress Point is commenter #34: BEKAH! Congrats, Bekah! And wowsers, after reading all those comments, I’m thinking you 20-somethings just need to come over to my house and I’ll make lunch and let’s talk about some things, y’all. I’ll let you know when it is planned. Not

Stress Point: A GIVEAWAY!

My friends. We are so lucky this week. I have something fun to giveaway today, tomorrow is America’s birthday, I have a fun giveaway on Thursday, and then Saturday is MY BIRTHDAY! Right, so that last one may not effect you as much as it does me, but I pretty much am giggly about it

Empty Promises

He leads a church attended by thousands. He has an online following of tens of thousands. And for some reason, I am important to Pete Wilson. He laughs at my jokes. He looks at me compassionately when I’m whining about being an author or being single or being me. He thinks I’m a better writer

Christmasy giveaway!

So I made a silly mistake when I mailed out a bunch of the Christmas gift packs last week. I included a candy cane. Seems like a simple addition, does it not? Just a little candy cane to brighten the spirits, and the breath, of young ladies around the USA. Unfortunately, it seems, from what

Day 27 :: Fill in the blank

Today is your day. I just want you to fill in the blank. You’ve heard me talk for 27 days about courage. Now I want to hear you and I want the rest of our sweet community to hear you. Even if you’ve never commented before, maybe today is the day to be brave. Take

Day 26 :: Edinburgh [+ a giveaway!]

I’ve known I would live in Edinburgh since May of 2000. Yep. It took me 11 years to get here. I left Scotland on May 28, 2000, went back to the US, led a small group, graduated college, taught 5th grade, coached soccer and volleyball, worked at a campus ministry, taught 4th grade, volunteered in

Day 19 :: Rescued by Nashville [+ a giveaway!]

Congrats to Sarah for winning the beautiful board from Glory Haus! Hope it inspires and encourages you, Sarah. We have another gorgeous giveaway today… so keep reading! . . . . . As a quick recap from yesterday: God spoke Nashville into my heart in October of 2007. I moved there, alone with no friends

Day 17 :: Who loves you? [+ a giveaway!]

For startsies, congrats to BETTY DRAPER on winning the $31 voucher to Printable Scripture. Don’t forget, using the code ANNIEBLOGS2011, the rest of you can get 31% off your purchase at Printable Scripture until the end of the month! But don’t go anywhere… we have another giveaway today! WOOT. . . . . . My