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What I Am Reading.

Do y’all have the same problem as me? Do you start one book and then start another and then have one in your car and one by the bed and suddenly you realize you are in the smack middle of five books? This is me. I was talking with some friends yesterday about the books

I made a list of things.

I have not forgotten the blog exists, I promise. Since getting back from Ecuador, I’ve been going ninety miles a minute trying to prep for two weeks of travel and buying a new car and writing some things and meetings and I HAVE FELT SOME OF THE PANIC. Forgive me. But here is what you

A Brave Story: Matthew + Jessica

[Once a week, I am going to be sharing with you a brave story sent in from a reader. You can comment, respond, encourage. Want to submit your own story or a story of a brave friend of yours? Head to!] This week’s #thatisbrave story comes from Matthew Paul Turner and Jessica Turner. This

When your book has a sister.

If Let’s All Be Brave could have a sister, I’d pick Speak by Nish Weiseth. (Is that how “sisters” work? You just pick? Okay. Great.) This sisters idea is not only because I think they would look cute posing for pictures today, but more because they are two different books that share the same blood. What flows

Should you (and your teen) see The Fault In Our Stars?

(Warning: this post will be a bit longer than usual but will not include any spoilers. However, I will be mentioning sex between teenagers, so my normal G rating on a blog post is gonna bump up to PG. Proceed.) I cried through the last few chapters of the book by John Green. I cried

What would you ask the stars of TFIOS?

So I got an email last week inviting me to the Fan Event for The Fault In Our Stars, the movie based on the book by John Green. I thought, “that is so cool! I can’t believe I get to sit in the audience and have a ticket reserved for me.” And then the PR

I’m having all the fun right now on the internet.

I just need you to know this. Here’s why. Talk about God opening a HUGE door! Amazon picked Speak Love (a TEEN CHRISTIAN book!) to be their Kindle Daily Deal. Yes, everyone at Zondervan freeeeeeaked out. Because y’all! What is God up to that He has made a way for this book about the power

Tuebook Tuesday.

See what I did there? I want to tell you about two books that release today that I think will really impact the planet. And I thought about titling the blog post “Two Book Twos Day,” but that felt even dumber… if that’s possible. So I went with “Tuebook” and I actually really like it

New Book Week : The Antelope In The Living Room by Melanie Shankle

New Book Week rolls on, friends. Just to review- Monday: Notes From A Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider Tuesday: Chasing God by Angie Smith Wednesday: Clout Jenni Catron And today, you won’t be able to resist…. The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle I bet you loved Sparkly Green Earrings too, didn’t you?

New Book Week : Clout by Jenni Catron

Sometimes I think I should just run a book blog. I love talking about books sooooo much. This week, we’ve already discussed Notes From A Blue Bike and Chasing God, and today’s New Book Week feature book…. Clout by Jenni Catron Full disclosure: I love Jenni a ton. She’s been on staff at my Nashville