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New Year’s Experiments.

. . . . . New Year’s Resolutions. I suck at them. I’m a failure at resolutions. I’m a quitter. It’s just what I have done historically — when the going gets hard, I get going, to a new location where things aren’t so hard. But I’m trying to change. I want to be different.

The Longing

Subtitle: I HAD A VULNERABILITY HANGOVER LIKE WHOA YESTERDAY. Let me explain what that means. After I write a piece that makes me feel super vulnerable and exposed, the next day I feel like I have the flu. Call me crazy, or call me normal, but that’s what happens. I lay on the couch, I

When What You Want Brings Joy and Sadness

The older I get, the more I realize I can’t often just categorize experiences as GOOD or BAD, painful or happy. It seems that events and moments tend to mix together like a casserole. I had an experience like this recently, and wrote about it over at (in)courage. It’s important to me to be honest with

It’s Not Just My Story

I got a card in the mail last week from a favorite 12-year-old. She’s the daughter of a friend of mine and someone I spend a good amount of time with. I love getting snail mail — handwritten, thought out, and no delete button or ability to edit. In fact, halfway through her card she

Dear Bloom Book Club (and every other reader of Let’s All Be Brave)

The Bloom Book Club officially ends today. Over the last month and a half or so, hundreds of women across the internet have been reading Let’s All Be Brave together, discussing it on Facebook and on the Bloom Book Club page, and watching videos where I sat on my red couch and talked about my

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I wish I really was at a ranch. Particularly Ree’s ranch. Her show on Food Network makes me want to hang out on her ranch and eat her snacks and ride a horse and brand a cattle. Okay, but really. Here on the ranch known as Annie’s life… Well. This was a major thing. Marie

Week 2 of the Bloom Book Club!

Oh friends. So we are on week two of the (in)courage Bloom Book Club. It has already been such a fun experience, connecting with HUNDREDS of readers around the world as they discuss chapters from Let’s All Be Brave. It feels weird, honestly. But a good weird- a “how in the world did God pick

Bloom Book Club. {squeeeaalllllll!}

Yes. I know. I died of happy, too. Let’s read the book together, y’all! You can get all the details you need from the Bloom Book Club page over at (in)courage! I mean. EEK and ACK and WOW and WHOA and NICE MOVE, MONDAY!

Trust The Path.

A few weeks ago, I got all inspired on a walk at my favorite lake here in Nashville. That tends to be how my life works these days- I experience something, work my way through it, then figure out a way to share about it. And this verse in the picture (and yes, that is