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After it’s all said and done.

Literally. I’m back at Sarah‘s house where I’ll be staying for the next few weeks.  Hanging in the OC for a bit? Don’t mind if I do. Mt. Hermon. I don’t know what to say. It was absolutely wonderful. I’m a better person for going- professionally and personally. I have some really sweet friends, old

Mt. Hermon Day 2.

I have a confession- I am currently skipping a session that would probably make me a STELLAR writer. Hope y’all will settle for mediocre. Cause I just need. a. break. from. writing. So I came to the coffee shop to blog.  Cause you know, blogging is significantly different than writing. And after editing a piece

Mount Hermon 09 Official Post 1.

That is a pompous title. And I like it. I can’t stop listening to The Alternate Routes singing “California”.  It just feels so right, how could it be wrong? It’s nice to be here at Mount Hermon.  It’s nice to feel a bit more comfortable since I’ve done this before. It’s nice to say, “I’ve