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Last night, Meredith and I helped Marisa put up her Christmas tree.  After a series of unfortunate events [which had there been a camera would be a blog post in itself], we finally had the tree in place, the star on top, and it was time to string the lights. As we would finish a

Positive Post Tuesday.

In which I thank a group of people who do not read my blog. At every turn, every chance I get, I thank my Nashville friends. I try not to be creepy, or thank them so profusely that they think I: A. have a crush on them or B. am obviously friendless and now they

I love those bright lights and country music.

After a FAR less than successful house hunt day in Nashville, there was no better therapy than being surrounded by thousands of the highest quality rednecks, including my family, at the Grand Ole Opry. Did you know the Grand Ole Opry held this many people? Neither did I. Did you know this many people WANTED


I don’t want to fear you. We haven’t even really met. I have seen you in passing. You held my hand for a minute. I worry about what you hold for me. And what you can’t contain. You are a stranger. Hello. I’m Annie. But you knew that already. You called me first. I will

A couple more.

Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday. You win. You always do. Here are a couple more questions I got via email. Then I promise, we’re leaving the Nashville News Update behind. Do you have any friends in Nashville?Not really, but you do. Gracious. Everybody BUT me has a ton of friends up there. It’s

Why Nashville?

(Your questions for me are in bold. My answers are in italics. You are quite the hard hitting journalist. Well done.) So, Annie, tell us. Of all the cities in the world, why Nashville? Because of the beautiful skyline?Uh, yeah, I mean, it’s pretty alright. But no, that’s not why I’m moving. Because of the

As good a time as any.

Last night at a concert (Dave Barnes- duh.), I talked with a new friend of mine that lives in Nashville. He said, “So, tell me why you are moving up?” I answered, “BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME TO.” And I realized I looked like a freak. Seriously. Because there is SO MUCH back story to that