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They Came To Jerusalem….

What happens when the Light that guides us seems to disappear? Y’all know me. I don’t do this a lot. (Actually. I don’t know that I’ve ever done this…. have I?) But I haven’t stopped talking about this sermon all week and I’m so grateful for technology making a way for me to share it

Isn’t She Lovely Contest!

You guys. We are so so excited about the Looking For Lovely Weekend that is coming up SOON AND VERY SOON. A lot of y’all are already planning to come, and many people are being and coming alone. WOOT. We support that and plan to give you friends friends friends while you are here.

What happens when you lose.

For starters, I have one billion pictures I want to post from the KLOVE Awards on Sunday night. I did a few on instagram – my red carpet look, with former UGA football coach and a true hero of mine, Coach Mark Richt, and with my sweet parents who came to Nashville for about 12

FashionABLE’s Fall Faves! (+ A DISCOUNT CODE!)

First of all. I have a comment. Down there in the pictures, I promise I’m not trying to make a modeling face. I was listening to my friend talking and that is my sympatheic listening face. Sure, of all the necklace centric pictures, it was the one I chose. But I just had to talk

What 35 means to me.

Yesterday, I went to Starbucks and got my free drink. It was a total treat. I went for venti soy chai instead of grande, because nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like a massive Starbucks drink that costs me zero dollars. The sweet guy at the drive-thru window said, “it’s your birthday tomorrow? I’m guessing you’ll be 20?” with

Why I’m glad your daughter is in our b.fab class.

Every week, I go to an amazingly fun workout class called The local community center’s gymnasium fills up with women of all kinds and for an hour, we dance and shake and squat and have really the best time exercising that you could ever imagine. Like, I love it. There’s not a lot of

ACM Awards Prep thanks to Mary Kay®!

You guys know I have special place in my heart for award shows, particularly when it involves country music. Remember I got to go to the Grammys with my friend Hillary in 2010? And remember when I got to go to the CMA Awards in 2014? Yeah. I love award shows. I blame the sparkle.

Feeling very fashionABLE.

I have to tell you (in case you don’t know)… I am a huge fan of the fashionABLE product line. If you don’t know fashionABLE, you should read the whole story of the creation of the company here. But simply stated, your purchase of a fashionABLE product creates sustainable business in Africa. Also? EVERYTHING IS

When singleness feels like a mess.

Being single during the holidays sometimes feels like a mess. I’m a pretty confident fun-loving gal who appreciates the life I have. But something happens during the holiday season- my friend Kelley calls it “hyper-awareness”- when my singleness just feels. IT FEELS. It’s palpable in December moments in ways it never shows in April. God

52 Hours In Nashville

So tomorrow morning, two of my best friends from across the pond land here in Nashville. Yes. For the first time EVER, my Scotland BFFs will be seeing my Nashville life and I am so excited that I CAN BARELY STAND IT, Y’ALL. But, I’m also mildly panicked. They will only be here 52 hours. FIFTY-TWO