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Nashville Film Festival: Take Me Home

I think you know by now that I absolutely LOVE living in Nashville. I deeply miss my friends and family in Marietta, but Nashville has gone above and beyond to make me fall in love here. This week, the city wooed me again with the Nashville Film Festival. In all honesty, I hadn’t really planned

Gettin’ hit by the culture stick.

(For starters, we will discuss Matt Wertz’s new album tomorrow [oh yes we will] because it is a beautiful piece of work.) For today, I want to tell you about Adam and Wes and M&Ms and the Belcourt Theater. I’m going to use Adam and Wes’s real names because you are going to totally be

Two stories about my car.

I cleaned my car on Saturday. First I’ll tell you about a discovery while cleaning. Then I will tell you the reason for the cleaning. Story #1: A Discovery While Cleaning My bestie Betsy was in town and we drove through the car wash. Deep conversation. A small bag of M&Ms. Paying a dollar extra

11 things for 2011.

1. How much do you love Annie Parsons? I. KNOW. Me too. 2. I leave for Scotland in exactly 2 weeks. People keep asking me if I have a list of what to pack or a long list of things to complete before I go. And I keep saying no. Which is concerning. If other

Dear Shelby.

Dear Shelby Jennings Boatman, I don’t know when, if ever, you will actually read this. But I’ve gotten in the habit of writing letters to my friends’ babies and well, you are my friend’s baby. Like, a really brand spankin’ new baby. Shelby, I want to tell you something. For the rest of my life,

In Canada, they call it a “reno”

As in, renovation. You say it like “reh-no,” not “ree-no.” Just so you know. I learned this from Sarah. Sarah has a house. And a show. On HGTV. It’s called Sarah’s House. And I want to be her friend. [Sarah, can we be friends?] As you know, I am currently nesting. I have no idea

The most beautiful of birthdays.

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. Because truthfully, I can’t talk about my birthday dinner/party without crying. In fact, I didn’t even make it through the creation of this glorified slideshow without boo-hooing. Because I am overwhelmed. Still. A week later. Enjoy the gorgie-poo decor… and the delicious food… and the beautiful


I’m not going to tell you about last week. From start to finish, it was rough. I mean ROUGH. And like I mentioned yesterday, I was lucky to have my dear friend Marie-Claire come hang for a bit. It was much needed and much enjoyed. When she left on Sunday, I grabbed my pool bag

See for yourself.

I could tell you about the piles of personal items out on the streets. Or I could tell you about the sore muscles from ripping out cabinets, walls, insulation, and every other thing in a water soaked home. I could tell you how I teared up as I cleaned out Terry’s linen closet, as he

Internet Nerd.

I wanted to make a joke about being “bloggy-promiscuous” here, but really. I think that’s probably inappropriate. I’m not sure of the level of inappropriate, but it is probably somewhere above my average don’t-write-that level. “Internet nerd” is a good enough title I guess, but it lacks zing. Sorry. But here’s the thing. I’ve got