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Your Grammy Qs.

Sorry for the delay, bloggites. Moving ruled my life [my friends who helped me move are the bomb and I never use that term unless I am feeling very cheesy and appreciative] and now I’m in the new house. And my bed is caddy-corner. I know. Very lady-like. Focus. I need to focus. So I

Clicks that will cost you.

But are totes worth it. First of all, sorry my blog was broken this morning. It happens. 🙂 Here are some clicks for today that, while they aren’t free, are all awesome. First of all, my friend Lady Antebellum released their sophomore album today and it. is. great. So click on this iTunes button and

January 31, 2010.

Is going to be a seriously exciting Sunday night. Cause I’m GOING. TO. THE. GRAMMYS. Yep. THESE GRAMMYS. Are. you. dying?!? Cause I. am. dying. [in a good way] Let me back up and explain. One of my dearest friends in Nashville in Hillary. Hillary is in a country group called Lady Antebellum. We had

A public letter to Colorado.

Dear Colorado, Let me start by saying what I big fan I am. You really are a great state. I mean, we haven’t hung out since 1996, but it was really nice to meet you and I hope I get to see you again soon. But here’s the thing. I’m disappointed in some of your

Thanksgiving, Nash-style.

Thanksgiving 2009. There’s a lot I want to say. It was beautiful. Truly. The downside: I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving day with my family. Though, I did spend the entire weekend with my parents so surely, on some great scoreboard in the sky, that counts for something. I knew I should get that out


I think you know this. But I’ll remind you. I live in Nashville and seeing famous country music stars isn’t totally weird. And I’ll be honest and say that when I pass any famous person at the grocery store or wherever, I’m cool as a cucumber. Who would I not be cool around because I

My home.

This is my home: But really, so is this: This was my home: And when I sold it to move to Nashville, I thought I had lost home. In some ways, I’ll confess, it still feels that way. Mainly because that beautiful couch is in storage and I miss the warmth of that sunshine coming

A little give and take.

This is gonna be easy for you today. Just two places to click. Cause see, I don’t believe in making you work hard on Fridays. So. First of all, check out HELP-PORTRAIT’s new website. It is really amazing. I mean, wowsa kind of amazing. If you are looking for a good way to give back

A normal Nashville day.

I’m excited to participate with my buddies over at as many ladies talk today about their normal everyday life. Let me give you a short, but important, list of disclaimers: Just because I live in Nashville does not mean I hang out with country stars everyday [though Reba will not. quit. calling. Yes, Reba,

My people. They need a stroller.

And you can help them! Meet Phil and Sonnie. Cute, right? I know. I adore them. But check this out. Here is their boy Rock. Yep, you heard me. They named their son Rock. Cause folks in Nashville roll like that. [Rock. Roll. I like.] Seriously. It makes me laugh out loud Every. Time. I