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To my teacher friends, in these very strange days.

Dear teacher friends, I’m thinking of you so much in these coronavirus, shelter-in-place, no school for the foreseeable future days. It’s been a few years since I was a classroom teacher, spending my days surrounded by fifth graders, but it’s never so far from me that I don’t remember how that job felt. I don’t

What writers do.

I remember a time when my heart was broken. I sat down and my computer and I typed away like my next breath depended on it- it literally felt like I was underwater and the only way to kick to the surface was to let the words out. Pages and pages and pages flew as

The sounds of that time.

I woke up this morning and as the rain beat my window and my iCal was clear, I decided to play the “I love being single and not having anyone need me right now so I am going to stay in my bed” card. And I played it well, my friends. I love music, but


These are my kids. [We didn’t always dress like this- it was 50s day.] I’ve written about this before, but today, if ever, it deserves to be written about again. I used to teach elementary school. Did you know that about me? In my pre-author life, I was actually in charge of molding and educating

A big Saturday.

I’m emotional just typing this post. That does not bode well for my speaking engagement this weekend. My eyes are probably going to puddle for my entire 40 minute slot. Let me back up a bit. From 2003-2005, I taught 5th grade in Jackson County. I have never loved sixty small people as much as

Le Whirlwind.

That’s what I’ve been living. Also, “le whirlwind” is French for “crazy travels.” I think. Let me tell you about the last ten days or so….. Thursday 9/30 :: Drive to Atlanta. Attend a baby shower in Woodstock, where I used to teach school. Friday 10/1 :: Drive to Jackson County, GA, home of my

Who was his 3rd grade teacher?

I had to swing by the bank yesterday. I haven’t used this particular branch before, so I missed the turn. [please try to contain your shock] And so I had to circle around a Taco Bell [no, I didn’t purchase anything though I would SWEAR I heard the cinnamon twists calling my name, but I

I used to teach school.

Saturday night, I attended my third Thanksgiving dinner in Nashville. Good. Gravy. Literally. [I’m sorry. But that’s funny.] Nashville Thanksgiving 2009 was super wonderful. But more on that later this week. As I stood in the kitchen and talked with a friend, he asked a question, and within my answer I said, “did you know

Kids are sick.

If you aren’t in the teaching profession, enjoy this nugget from today.I pick my kids up from lunch, and I have to immediately stop the line to say this:“Susie, quit flossing your teeth with your hair. That’s gross.”As if that wasn’t enough to make you squeamish, the girl behind her leans up, taps her on

When polite people do impolite things.

My dear friend at school asked me to blog about this. For her sake, I’ll give her a fake name- Jenn. Jenn and I are eating lunch. Let me preface by saying that I am, in general, a polite person. I ate my grilled cheese that came in a plastic sealed bag, like the kind