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Lots of lasts.

These days are weird. There seem to be lasts popping up all over Edinburgh. My last lunch at Potterrow on the University of Edinburgh campus. My last ride on Bus 23. My last coffee hang out with the girls. My last Tuesday. My last Wednesday. Last. Last. Last. Tonight is my last Gathering at Crossroads

Cook-off was AWESOME.

Thanks for your prayers! I have a tiny window of time to pop in and say HI and THANKS and I’M POOPED and I’M SO PUMPED, so…. Hi. Thanks. I’m pooped. I’m so pumped- the team was great fun, our students loved it, and the chili was delicious. Here are all the pictures from last

Today’s a big one.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, but whoa.oh.whoa today is the winner of them all. I’m really excited about it- I love chili, I love competitions, I love when all our Crossroads students get together and bring their friends. And I LOVE that the American football team from Napier University is coming to judge the

Two weeks.

Two weeks from today, I will wake up and eat breakfast with my family. In America. How can that be? Didn’t I JUST get here? These five months have crawled and flown at the same time. But nevermind that. They are over now. I’m walking around and treating every quiet moment like a scene in

Thank you.

I know I know. It’s Friday and I should have a Top 5 Friday. But I made a video and I wanted to show you that video. Cause it’s my bloggy and I’ll vlog if I want to… vlog if I want to… vlog if I want to.. you would vlog to if it happened


You know, when do you do a full month of blogging about courage, you miss sharing some important events. Like when I got electrocuted. So. Here’s that story. [You’re welcome in advance.] Let me first start by explaining this – in the USA, we use 120 volts. In Scotland, they use 230 volts. I have

Day 26 :: Edinburgh [+ a giveaway!]

I’ve known I would live in Edinburgh since May of 2000. Yep. It took me 11 years to get here. I left Scotland on May 28, 2000, went back to the US, led a small group, graduated college, taught 5th grade, coached soccer and volleyball, worked at a campus ministry, taught 4th grade, volunteered in

Day 11 :: It starts in your head.

Yesterday was hard. One of the hardest days yet. [Which is funny because a) I didn’t leave my home and b) I didn’t see a single human except my flatmate and the FedEx guy.] As I’ve said before, if I’m not honest in this journey, then I shouldn’t write about it at all. So here

Invited in.

Forgive me for abandoning you for the better part of this week. While Betsy was here, I pretty much ignored my little laptop, minus work and writing deadlines, and then yesterday after she left, I thought a lot. Well, I also did my laundry and gathered supplies for Crossroads Church‘s service last night and worked

THAT’S what I call a weekend.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days and I’m so happy about it. Friday morning, I popped down to London and visited for a bit with Grant and Lucy, some friends from UGA that are living there. It was fun and we talked through some cultural challenges we have all dealt with. [Just because we