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Smile, Wednesday: Scotland stuff.

I know. It’s been a week. Even when I had my tonsils out I continued to blog. But apparently when I live in another first world country, I can’t fit it into my schedule. [That’s not truly the reason.] Here’s the thing. I’m processing so many things. I feel like the dryer of my soul

Halfway done, yet just beginning.

I’m having a hard time blogging serious things while I’m here in Scotland. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I already struggle naturally with knowing what to outwardly process and what to ponder in my heart [Luke 2:19], and when I am sitting alone in my room outside of Edinburgh, Scotland,

Sounds of home.

This is a happy Tuesday in Nashville. Very happy indeed. And me thinks you will enjoy all three reasons. #1. THE CIVIL WARS This is the best $7.99 you are going to spend today. Get Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars. Please. It’s like turning on your grandma’s radio in the kitchen. It makes you

Monkey bread gone rogue.

Well. That was a failure. Let me say that after experiencing the Haggis meal [made by a BOY none the less], I thought I [a well trained Southern lady] should contribute to our next team meal- Sunday brunch. What is more American [and easy but awesome] than Monkey Bread? Just in case you don’t know,


Let me go ahead and relieve your troubled minds- I survived it. But also let me go ahead and warn you- the following pictures are graphic. Oh yeah, Americans. There she is. You don’t know what haggis is, you say? Well, I’m just gonna let you read up on the Wikipedia page for haggis. Cause

They don’t know.

The team of Scots that I am working with here is stellar. I didn’t know any of them before arriving, I only know the Americans that lead the ministry team. So. The Scots? They. Are. Awesome. I am super-dee-dooper enjoying getting to know them, spending time with them, and building friendships. It’s kinda my way-

After one week…

My journal is full. My blog is empty. I don’t know how to say what I want to say. [out of words? it happens.] I want to remember the Indian dinner with moments of tears the laughter with surprisingly new friends the hugs with those I’ve missed the car rides with old friends walks on

Uh, why are you in Scotland?

I’ve gotten this question quite a few times, so I realize I probably haven’t told you enough details. Let the interview begin. Are you on vacation? No. Are you on sabbatical? Nope. Laughable. People who work really hard and are highly stressed in their jobs get a sabbatical. I try not to do either of

Smile, Wednesday : Welcome to Scotland!

First of all, here are those crazy doors I was telling you about yesterday– Makes more sense now, yes? Sorry- now you can see why that was such a challenge to describe. Here’s my moment in the Amsterdam airport– Free hour of wi-fi? Thank you, Dutch people, thank you. And thank you for your mad

I’m in the Amsterdam airport.

And I’m not scared. [thanks for your comments about this airport!] Though they do have all these metal doors in the middle of the walkways. Meaning, you can be walking from gate to gate and right smack in the center of the terminal are three metal doors longways. They lead to nothing- not rooms or hallways