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Smile, Wednesday (6.30.10)

Look at me, remembering two weeks in a row to keep up with Smile, Wednesday. [Patting myself on the bloggy back.]

Smile, Wednesday. (6.23.10)

I think I want to reinstate Smile, Wednesday. I tend to take so many pics on Anita the iPhone and then they just sit there. I think that is lame. So welcome to the return of Smile, Wednesday. I have a question here. Isn’t “drowned” the correct past tense of “drown”? I googled it and

Smile, Wednesday.

At this point, we aren’t going to discuss how I tend to start bloggy things [i.e- Smile Wednesday] and then never follow through with them because dear blog reader, I don’t need any lip today. I haven’t had ice cream in a MONTH. A MONTH. And I don’t know if I’ve said, but I love

Smile, Wednesday… uh… Tuesday.

So that whole video about getting my license was so dumb I couldn’t even expose you to it. It would have been wrong. Trust me. I care about you too much to make you watch 4 minutes of my idiot self, in my car, discussing the ups and downs of our government departments. Instead, here’s

Smile Wednesday #7: iPhone edition

It’s been far too long since we had a Smile Wednesday up in here. [Like, since October, which is just ridiculous. I apologize. Sincerely.] And all these photos were taken using Anita, my new best friend iPhone. She’s such a champ.  I can remember life without her, but I don’t prefer it. Here’s a fun

Smile, Wednesday. #6

This week features one totally awesome picture.  And then some others. This Saturday at a wedding, we asked our Pastor Tom to take a group picture for us.  Well done.  [The guy on my right, Jules, looks creepy/cool in this picture.  If you can’t find me, I’m in a flowery dress standing very strange.] Well

Smile Wednesday #5

Smile, Wednesday. Cause I’m home.  With my people. Tomorrow, special guest blogger with a recipe and pictures.  Ohh.  Fancy.  And it’s not Betsy- remember she’s the Giveaway Guru- she has no time for cooking! I’m home for a few days, so blogging may be sporadic.  I always say that, it never is.  But none the

Smile, Wednesday #4

Have you ever seen a real building on fire?  I hadn’t, until yesterday.  Driving home from the sushi restaurant,  I saw the smoke and followed it.  There is something about seeing a building on fire- its devastating and frightening, even when you have no investment in it.  I was surprised when I realized what I

Smile, Wednesday. Ahem. Thursday.

So here are some visual highlights of the event yesterday. Betsy.  She runs my giveaways.  Here she is working on my blog or something equally important.  She looks very small in this picture.  Trust me- it’s a big chair.  She is small, but not abnormally tiny.  Or abnormally sly, though her face would say otherwise.