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Day 21 :: Sing it out.

Congrats to Jenny for winning the beautiful print from Bit O Whimsey! Remember the rest of us get 10% off our purchase using the code ANNIEBLOGS2011 until October 31. Getcha some. . . . . . Happy Friday! Each Friday, we like to list 5 of our favorite things. Play along!   When I decided

Who talks about packing?

Me. Apparently. I never swore I’d be interesting. But. I did try to be honest and interesting [mildly] in my most recent (in)courage post – The Challenge of Packing. I’d love if you would pop over there and tell me your thoughts. [Also- the last line is missing a word… I’ve told the important people.

I give my life to honor this.

Saviour King from Hillsong United   And now the weak say I have strength By the spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead And now the poor stand and confess That my portion is Him and I’m more than blessed   Let now our hearts burn with a flame A fire consuming all

TOP 5 FRIDAY: most loved songs!

Ok, so I think this is gonna be supes fun. Let’s make a TOP 5 list every FRIDAY! TOP 5 FRIDAY! Starting today! Yay! [I’m feeling very exclamatory today. Probably has something to do with a lack of sleep. Thanks a mil, boot camp. Now you’re causing me to inappropriately use punctuation.] So, here’s the

Weights & Wings.

Oh y’all. You know I love to tell you about great music. Mumford and Sons. Dave Barnes. The Civil Wars. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. And today? It is Mr. Matt Wertz. There are a few musicians in town whose music I liked before I lived here. In most cases, becoming friends with the musician

A few spiritual shots.

Middle of the week. I hear ya. And I’ve got just what the doctor ordered. The spiritual doctor, that is. [Not the witch doctor. Not that kind of spiritual doctor. Sheesh. Weird.] Roll up your sleeve. Be brave. This won’t hurt. . . . . . Shot #1: New worship song My worship leader from

A Monday List.

1. Thank you for all your prayers on Saturday. It was a good day. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t my best showing. It was a good reminder that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. [It feels stupid to say that; I know it is true, but it feels like a cop-out way of

Sounds of home.

This is a happy Tuesday in Nashville. Very happy indeed. And me thinks you will enjoy all three reasons. #1. THE CIVIL WARS This is the best $7.99 you are going to spend today. Get Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars. Please. It’s like turning on your grandma’s radio in the kitchen. It makes you

The Sing-Off LIVE y’all.

Did you watch The Sing-Off these last few weeks on television? It’s a great show. Acapella groups competing against each other. Beautiful stuff. Some local Nashville dudes called Street Corner Symphony came in second. [But they are winners in our hearts.] And Tuesday night, they performed here in Nashville. Now, it’s not every day that

Weekend is upon us.

And aren’t we all just grateful? I know I am. For starters, I missed my blog birthday. And if you recall how I feel about my REAL birthday, it is absolutely ridiculous that I would forget my blog birthday. Apparently I forgot in 2007, in 2008, and believe it or not, I forgot in 2009.