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Grammy time.

Ok. Let’s do this. Let’s talk Grammys. There is no way. Absolutely no way. For me to do justice to the event. I’m not going to go hour by hour telling you all the people we saw and hung out with, the things we ate [though I am talking about that at Annie Gets Fit

Clicks that will cost you.

But are totes worth it. First of all, sorry my blog was broken this morning. It happens. 🙂 Here are some clicks for today that, while they aren’t free, are all awesome. First of all, my friend Lady Antebellum released their sophomore album today and it. is. great. So click on this iTunes button and

Seth “you’re gonna wanna hug him” Philpott.

This is one of my dear friends, Seth Philpott. This photo doesn’t do Seth justice. You can’t see him smiling. You can’t see how the world entertains him. You can’t hear him CRACKING ME UP. Cause if he’s talking, I’m laughing. Game over. But because he wanted to be sure to look cool, here’s the

A little give and take.

This is gonna be easy for you today. Just two places to click. Cause see, I don’t believe in making you work hard on Fridays. So. First of all, check out HELP-PORTRAIT’s new website. It is really amazing. I mean, wowsa kind of amazing. If you are looking for a good way to give back

Annie Parsons.

Annie Parsons is a super important friend of mine in Nashville. And this week is super important for her. Here’s a quote from her blog: I moved to Nashville because I am a songwriter.  But truth be told, at the time that I moved, I could count the number of songs I had actually written

An earful.

So a few weeks ago was this amazingly fun thing called “Next Big Nashville” and pretty much, for about four days, a TON of local Nashville acts strut their stuff all over the stages of Nashville. And Marisa luckily won 2 wristbands and let me borrow one a few times! Proof, you say? Fine. So

Meet My Media.

I have a very addictive personality. Not meaning that I’m addicted to bad things. [Except ice cream.] Nor am I saying that you should be addicted to my personality. I mean that when I find something I like, I’m addicted. I’m hooked. I. Can’t. Quit. It. So I thought that for your Labor Day weekend,

This is all you need to know today.

The Glory Revealed 2 Album is finally out. I hope you own the first one. If you don’t, today is the day you buy 2 new CDs. HERE IS THE WEBSITE. (It also should be on iTunes today- which is where this blogista will be purchasing her copy.) Go there. Buy it. You’ll be glad

Atta boy, Wertz.

Here is Matt’s new video. Yay!! Good news: I was there for the whole filming and it was a blast and all my friends are in it. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo with a bunch of people that you actually don’t know. [So, I guess that’s not so fun for you.] But it was a