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I’m going to talk about Speak Love too much.

And I think it is only fair I (a) warn you and (b) tell you why. I love writing books, it’s my job, and I am really grateful to do it. But this book is different. Speak Love is different. . . . . . From the beginning, I never intended to write a book


Okay, friends! Time to get your pre-order on! Here’s the thing. Speak Love releases in one month. You know this. You’ve been sweet enough to pray. I’m grateful. Now here’s the fun part. My sweet people at Zondervan have created this little Pre-Order Package that you get totally for FREEEEE when you order Speak Love.

2 months: SPEAK LOVE!

Well friends, Speak Love comes out in just two short months. It makes me feel like panicking and cheering and staying in bed and running around my neighborhood screaming. So, that’s great. What I need the most, like THE MOST, is for you to pray. [I did this video a few weeks ago, before we had

Write on her walls.

(photo credit: Ioanna Raptis) I read this article yesterday about Operation Beautiful at York Middle School. To summarize, these girls took the idea of Operation Beautiful, leaving encouraging sticky notes around for other girls, and decided to paint permanent ones in their middle school bathrooms. So after school, the fifth grade girls worked with the eighth

Hurry and download!

So you may remember that a few months ago, I wrote a free 30 day devotional for the girls who attended our Girls of Grace conference this season. It’s been downloaded a lot and I am so glad that it has become a resource for girls to continue to use their words to speak life

Praying for Speak Love

As promised yesterday, here at the things I would really LOVE for you to pray into as the launch of Speak Love gets closer! [Hey subscribers… there is a video here. Click over, yo.] How you can pray: 1. Please pray that above all else, God would be glorified. 2. Please pray that God would

Speak Love: A Cover Story

You know, the whole way that the cover of Perfectly Unique worked out was kinda a miracle. Here’s the story if you missed it first time around. I absolutely loved it the moment that I saw it. I mean, LOVED it. So when the first email came through with the cover for my next book,


Thank you, friends, for all your excitement yesterday. Trust me, I am sooo grateful to you the reader and Zondervan for making it possible for me to get to do this again. So there isn’t too much I can tell you yet about the next book, but I’ll tell you everything I can. What’s the

I like March 6th.

Last year, on March 6, I signed the book deal for Perfectly Unique. This year, on March 6, I FINALLY get to tell you…. You guys? I signed my next book deal with Zondervan last week. Squeal. Freak out. Panic. Shock. Whoa. I know. I felt all those things too. I’m going to tell you