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I think I forgot to tell you.

I’m at camp this week. You can read the blog here. You can watch the services (and other camp events) online here. I’m one of the MCs for the morning games so A) forgive me for not wearing make-up, B) I swear I didn’t make up these games, but C) I think they are hilarious.

Speak to me.

200 languages are spoken by more than 1 million people worldwide. I’m pretty sure I have a working knowledge of English. Sorta. So that leaves 199 for me to learn. Starting with French. And here is why. I tend to overshare. Hence the reason I have this blog. Hence the reason I didn’t get any

13 months until 30.

We’ll talk about Africa soon. I promise. But there are some looming situations [one main looming situation] that we need to deal with. I’m less than 400 days from being 30. Approximately 13 months until 30. [Hence the little graphic here- wherein my face is way more discouraged than I really am. I just thought