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Day 21 :: Two Free Birds

I cannot wait for tonight. A few times a year Ellie Holcomb and I get to travel together and share with crowds of gals. Ellie sings, sharing the words she has written and put to music, I chat about words words words, and then we hang on stage together and cluck like hens and answer

Why I’m excited to go to Birmingham

I would now like to make a list for you of all the reasons I am excited to go to Birmingham this weekend. Ahem. Let’s begin. 1. This event. I’m REALLY excited. Really. 2. I’ve written a brand new, fresh out of the oven talk for Friday night. So the first time I do a

Two Free Birds – booking NOW!

  So this is happening…. and we are SOOOOO excited. Ellie and I will be traveling around this fall and spring together doing events for women. What age women? We don’t care. Teens, college, singles, young adults, regular adults, whatevs. What will it look like? Well, it’ll be about 1 1/2 hours of singing, talking,