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For your viewing pleasure.

Well, for about 10 hours, the inside of my blog was broken. I don’t know how to explain that any better except to say that WOW THAT WAS FRIGHTENING [cause I thought, for a while, that the ole snoozle blog might be the last thing you hear from AnnieBlogs, and what a dumb way to

How to fold a fitted sheet.

Well, here you go. A few things: 1. Thank you to Lyndsay and Lauren for coming over at midnight to help film this. 2. I actually managed to do 3 things from my list in this video: a. fold a fitted sheet b. make myself laugh [normal- happens all the time] c. make my friends

Merry Click-mas.

That’s not disrespectful to the baby Jesus. I just have some links for you, and thinking you might enjoy a little play on words, I went for it. Forgive me if you are offended. First of all, today is my day to post over at (in)courage. And, because I tackle the deep and moving topics,

It’s SheSeeks vloggy time.

I don’t know how much I’ve even told you about this. I know I told you that I wrote an article for SheSeeks. But I DON’T think I told you that I am on the She Seeks Team of writers. SSQQQEEEEEAAAALLLL!! Um. Hello. What. An. Honor. I must now bring my emotions under control and

Watch it.

So let’s relax, kick back, and watch a little video, eh? [That’s for you, Brad the Canadian Pastor.] First of all, I have to show you my friend Melissa. She can sing. WITH. HER. MOUTH. CLOSED. It is my joy right now. Truly, is that not the funniest thing you have ever seen?? I’ll be

A very exciting day.

A few things, as usual: 1. The lisp. It is STRONG in this video. 2. I know that owning a mixer won’t get me a husband. [It was just a joke.] You don’t have to send me a long email about trusting God and staying away from baked goods. I’m trying to do both things.

Sweet Tea.

[For you feed reader peeps, you’re gonna wanna click on over for a delightful little homemade video.] Here’s the recipe for this sweet tea, directly from my Mama. Use 6 family size Tetley tea bags for one gallon of tea and steep for 5 minutes.  Pour into container with sugar.  I only put about 1