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I heart the weekend recap. Part 1.

All I’m saying is that I had NO IDEA that you people would feel so strongly about bathroom tile.  Up next, the laundry room!! 🙂  But for realz.  Thanks for all the sweet comments.  God is so good to us, isn’t He? Speaking of that, I had a mini-dream come true this weekend.  This is

Moving day update.

There will be no pictures. There will be no video. Because packing and moving has magically sucked out all my humor, good times, and maybe a small percent of my soul. I’m SUPER pumped about the new house, the year long lease in Nashville, and all things 2009.  Just moving.  Ugh.  It’s a killer. So

Goodbye Nanny McAnnie.

[Hi.  If you are reading this in an RSS feed, then you’re going to want to click over for the video.  This is the last time I’ll make you do this for a while.  Sincerest apologies.]

Do you have a better idea?

When Nanny McAnnie took it to the streets… actually, to Monkey Joe’s and Moe’s.  Cause we had what one might call some “pent up energy”. [If you are reading from an RSS feed, click on over for the video.]

The Nanny McAnnie Diaries Day 3

When our collective sanity began to unravel. [If you are reading from an RSS feed, click on over for the 3rd video in this ridiculous series.]

The latest member of our tribe.

This baby belongs to our tribe.  Our crew.  Our posse.  He was born this morning to my bfry Molly and her hubs Brandon.  Being that I’m Nanny McAnnie this week, I wasn’t able to go to the hospital for his birth. The third leg of our bfry trifecta, Haley, kept me updated via texting and

Nanny McAnnie Diaries- Day 1

Nanny McAnnie here, reporting from Atlanta.  Some friends of mine have gone out of the country and I’m watching their kids.  If there is anything that has steadily paid the bills throughout the last 15 years of my life, it has been ye old babysitting.  So that part is awesome.  Not to mention that I

Bring your ears today.

For starters, a video. One day late. I know.  I am one of a kind and the world is GRATEFUL, I tell ya. And you are all going to laugh when somebody marries this piece of work. I pity the fool. Anyways. 🙂 HEAR THIS! Joy Williams has given y’all ANOTHER FREE SONG at the

Who’s watching my purse?

Oh yes.  Annie and Annie are back.  And WalMart will never fully recover from our antics. And please.  Do not judge my hairdo. Handy Graham is our friend who is also officially the best Handy Man in Nashville.  Literally. Voted on and victorious.  The very best in 08. I was seriously thrilled when Annie found