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Auld Lang Instagram… a 2015 recap

I used to be really good at this- recapping the year. Ever since I started blogging in 2007 (I know, I’m a senior citizen in this blogosphere), it’s been a favorite pastime. Here’s the recaps thus far: 2007… before Nashville. 2008… when I moved to Nashville. 2009… before books. 2010… lame excuse for a recap,

13 Highlights of 2013

I find it necessary to recap my life at the end of every year. Or, close to at least. If you’ve got too much time on your hands, here is my 2007 recap and my 2008 recap. In 2009, I didn’t want to officially recap apparently, I barely survived the stress of 2010, and in

TOP 12! [a 2012 recap]

You know, my blog-memory isn’t so good. I just tried to look back and find my recaps from each year, thinking “in 2007, I did a TOP 7 list and in 2008 I did a TOP 8 list but for 2012 I can do a TOP 12 list and do one thing from each month!”

I’m here.

I’m just writing. [for (in)courage….] And holiday-ing. And spending time with family. And partying. And dancing. And writing. [some new stuff….] And resting. And writing. [That leader’s guide is killin’ me.] And hanging with friends. And enjoying all the musicians being home from their tours. And running. [ugh.] And laughing. So all that to say…

2009: The Year I Refused to Recap.

I just can’t do it. I recapped in 2007. I recapped in 2008. But there is just something different about 2009. I’m not going to say I’ve peaked. [Cause good gracious I hope that it’s not all downhill from here.] But without reservation, I will tell you that 2009 so overshot all my expectations, that


I started a little tradition last year by giving you a photo from each month to summarize the year.  Today you get pictures, tomorrow you get words.  And if you didn’t know me in 07, you can catch up real fast RIGHT HERE. January- visited Nashville for the first time.  Knew in my heart that

Goodbye 007.

A more reflective reflection on 07, huh? This would be going a lot better if I could think of something really smart to say about 07. But I’ve got nothing. Not because 07 was meaningless, but because I’m having a hard time not contriving words that I think you want to hear. I hate when