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What it’s like to have a blog and write a book.

Apparently I am terrible at it. Y’all. I am so sorry. One post a month is such a bummer and a let down and I MISS YOU. So hiiiiiiiii. I’m heeeeeeeere. I promiiiiiiiiiise. And while I can’t tell you about the new book yet really, I can do things that hint at the things and

For Reid.

I think I had a really unique experience growing up. As in, some of the friends that I was in church choir with when we were four years old are still important people in my life, thirty years later. It’s just kind of the way of my hometown. It’s not that it’s super small, it’s

Well here’s a thing that’s never happened before.

I haven’t blogged in a month. I’m so sorry, y’all. If you were around these parts for the writing phase of Let’s All Be Brave in 2013, you probably haven’t been all that surprised. When I’m writing, I’m quieter here. I don’t mean to be, I just run out of words by the end of the work

I made a list of things.

I have not forgotten the blog exists, I promise. Since getting back from Ecuador, I’ve been going ninety miles a minute trying to prep for two weeks of travel and buying a new car and writing some things and meetings and I HAVE FELT SOME OF THE PANIC. Forgive me. But here is what you

It’s just that I’m spending a lot of time watching sports.

Sorry for my absence. It’s World Cup time, which is by far my very favorite holiday sporting event. In fact, probably the reason I’m actually remembering to blog today is because there are no games. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just plunked in front of my television all day every day, but ESPN

So, I’m in Hawaii.

In a surprising turn of events (seriously), I’m in Hawaii. Last year, about this time, I was a part of the Bloom Conference, hosted by my sweet and wonderful friend Tiffany Thurston. This weekend, Bloom Conference is happening again. Twice as many girls, twice as much work, a billion times the excitement. I’m such a huge

A few notes for your weekend.

I’m just trying to take deep breaths and not forget my passport on Monday. Across all forms of communication in my life, there are lists. My phone. Pieces of paper. My brain. Lists lists lists. On every list? DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT. (Seriously. If you have my phone number, will you please text me on

Wanna come hang out?

Sometimes I just wish you could come over. Maybe I’m a lunatic, but when I type on this side of the screen, it often feels like I’m writing a letter to a friend. I think about you and think about what I want you to know and the funny stories I want to tell you

Your tears matter.

I’m a crier. You know this about me, whether you and I have met face to face or not. I talk about it in my books, I talk about it when I speak (usually as a warning to the audience). It’s not that I’m dramatic. I’m just emotional. I just feeeeeel all the things and

Juan Pablo.

Well. Nothing will bring me out of a blogger’s fog like a Bachelor season finale. (But seriously. Sorry for the silence. I went on vacation – I did a herkie – and now I’m back.) If you haven’t watched the season finale of this Bachelor, then be warned that I’m about to spoil all the