Reposting ain’t all bad.

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I can’t stop thinking about this post. I wrote it in August, but it keeps resonating through my head.  Maybe being a writers’ conference reminds me of why I love you, sweet blog reader. People will ask about my blog and they want to know this or that and I just want to tell them “I wish you knew my readers. They are my friends. And I love them.”

I blog for you. -Annie


I got an email this week from someone at some University doing some research on Christian girls who blog. I thought, “You gettin’ a degree in lady bloggers or somethin’?”. But no, his degree is in Communication. He asked four specific questions, but one stood out to me.

What is the purpose of your blogging online?”

Though I am not sure that question is grammatically correct, it did get me thinking.

Why do I blog?

I blog because I love to write. I blog because I can’t keep anything to myself. I blog because I like to cross things out and leave them there for no other reason than the sake of humor. I blog because it gives me a chance to make stupid jokes to a larger audience than just my roommate. [My dad can appreciate that- he loves a good crowd when its time to drop a joke.]

But really, I blog because my story isn’t for me. What God is doing in me, through me, to me, for me, around me- its great and all, but if I just keep it to myself, that isn’t enough for me. That’s not the call I feel God has placed on my life.

I blog for you. For you out there that need a laugh, need a break, need encouragement, or just need to know that someone on the other side of the screen is human and full of doubt and hurting and scared and stupid and weak and posting it nightly for you to see.

I blog for her. For that girl, or that woman, who doesn’t have a voice, or a way to express her heart to God. I blog for her to see that it starts with typing one word, letting it out, and being honest. I blog for her to see that God is enough. Even when your emotions don’t agree. And honestly, sometimes “her” is me. Because sometimes getting the words out on here BEGINS the healing process in my own heart.

I blog for them. For them that don’t know God. For them that stumble onto this blog, having no idea what this place is all about. I blog for them to maybe see a glimpse of a God who is so very loving that He is truly irresistible.

I blog for Him. I blog because God deserves my utmost praise. I sing like a donkey and can play a guitar a wee bit better than a camel, so this is my form of worship. I worship with words of complete adoration. And complete frustration [at least I’m honest, right? :) ]. Though there are days when I am faithless, He is always faithful. So I’ll wake up tomorrow and do it again. Write for Him. Live for Him.

So Mr. Fancy Pants College Blog Survey Dude, there is your answer.

I blog because my life is not my own. My story is not my own. I live, I write, I move- all of it- to bring Him praise.

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