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March 12, 2006.

You know what’s funny about me being me? Sometimes I start writing blog posts for a specific day [March 12] and then totally forget to finish them on the right day and instead they get written and posted on bizarrely unrelated days [March 18].  Some might call it “idiotic”, I prefer “charmingly scatterbrained”. Tomatoes, TomAHtoes. 

Deciphering Me.

Enjoy this today.  It connects with the post from yesterday which, by the way, I LUH-HUVED your comments.  Especially from you married gals- yeah, the whole idea that guarding your heart transcends dudes and includes friendships and work relationships and all of it. Wise, that’s what you people are. Oh Brooke Fraser, I couldn’t talk

When Twitter changed my complexion.

Sophie and Melanie talked me into signing up for twitter last June. I didn’t love it; in fact, it kinda annoyed me.  But I’m of the persuasion that if Sophie or Melanie tell me to do something, I usually do it.  Except this dare they gave me one time.  Let’s just say I don’t believe