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My Mocha Club desk.

I don’t know if this is a new series I’m starting or if I’m just completely weird, but ever since I wrote about my writing table a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to show you my desk at Mocha Club as well. 1. The desk itself- a folding table. Impressivo, eh? But listen, in the

For your viewing pleasure.

Well, for about 10 hours, the inside of my blog was broken. I don’t know how to explain that any better except to say that WOW THAT WAS FRIGHTENING [cause I thought, for a while, that the ole snoozle blog might be the last thing you hear from AnnieBlogs, and what a dumb way to

International Justice Day.

I love being a part of Mocha Club. But, there are some days that I’m uber-excited and lucky to work with Mocha Club. Like, way more than usual. Today is one of those days. Today is International Justice Day- where people around the world have the opportunity to look at the injustices of the world