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TSF Quarantine

Listen Here for the first episodes on That Sounds Fun: https://podlink.to/ThatSoundsFun Listen Here for Annie and Eddie Keep Talking: https://podlink.to/AnnieAndEddieKeepTalking — TSF Quarantine Episode 1: Saturday with Eddie I am quarantined to my house until Monday, March 23. I know many of you are at home by force or by choice as well. To fight some

To my teacher friends, in these very strange days.

Dear teacher friends, I’m thinking of you so much in these coronavirus, shelter-in-place, no school for the foreseeable future days. It’s been a few years since I was a classroom teacher, spending my days surrounded by fifth graders, but it’s never so far from me that I don’t remember how that job felt. I don’t

Get 100 Days To Brave Signed For Christmas!

This is one of my favorite things to do each Christmas! We have gotten a pile of emails and messages in the last few days from friends giving 100 Days To Brave as a Christmas gift and wondering if I can sign the copy for their friend! The short answer is: YES! One small problem

Isn’t She Fun!

Oh y’all. The That Sounds Fun Weekend 2017 is about six weeks away and I am CRAZY EXCITED. Don’t you know that I cannot think of anything more fun than inviting my friends to come spend a weekend with me in Nashville! I am so pumped about it. Last year was AMAZING and this year

Looking For Lovely bookplates!

It’s Looking For Lovely‘s first Christmas! Baby’s first Christmas! I should definitely get an ornament. BRB… ordering a glittery one from Etsy. 🙂 But seriously- it gets me so so excited to think that a lot of friends will find Looking For Lovely inside the wrapping paper of their Christmas gifts this year! (Which. By

My prayer for Looking For Lovely

One of my favorite questions people have been asking me the last few weeks is what I am praying as the new book launches and what they can be praying for me and for the book. My answer is simple, but it hasn’t come simply.  I have big hopes and dreams. Looking for Lovely is

What are Friendorsements?

When you write a book, you usually get people to endorse it. You know, other authors or celebrities or someone that the reader knows and trusts. You ask those people to read your book and then write 1-3 sentences about the book. And, you ask the people to be VERY NICE because it matters what

When I Sign A Book Deal

It’s been almost a year to the day that I signed the Looking For Lovely book deal with B&H/Lifeway. I don’t have the time or space to tell you how that all worked out, but it was a total God thing for me for sure. I’ve been dyyyyyyyying to tell you so many details about it and

Looking For Lovely!!

Finally, y’all. Finally. I can tell you all the things. I’ve been waiting (not patiently) and hoping and begging and waiting… dying to tell you all about it. Now I can. Praise hands emoji. . . . the basics . . . My next book, Looking for Lovely, releases on April 5, 2016… but pre-sales

Let’s All Be Brave Ornament + Mug!

You guys you guys you guys! Loooooook! You may have already seen these on instagram, but looooook! A Christmas ornament! A beautiful mug! . . . . . So here’s how it went down. I love the stuff that Glory Haus makes and I love Laura Kirkland, one of their artists. She has been a