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Well. Hope there weren’t any typos.

Because I signed off on the cover and the galley. So pretty much I put my pen to paper and signed my name, saying, “so… if there are any issues on the inside of this little puppy, it’s totally my fault.” Which. Truly. Some of the jokes are so dumb in this book that you

A normal Nashville day.

I’m excited to participate with my buddies over at YLCF.org as many ladies talk today about their normal everyday life. Let me give you a short, but important, list of disclaimers: Just because I live in Nashville does not mean I hang out with country stars everyday [though Reba will not. quit. calling. Yes, Reba,

Mount Hermon 09 Official Post 1.

That is a pompous title. And I like it. I can’t stop listening to The Alternate Routes singing “California”.  It just feels so right, how could it be wrong? It’s nice to be here at Mount Hermon.  It’s nice to feel a bit more comfortable since I’ve done this before. It’s nice to say, “I’ve


I’m setting a goal. But I need your help. I’ve been working on a book for a while, and a literary agent in California wants it as soon as it is done. [That is exciting.] The book is supposed to be around 50,000 words. [That is a lot.] I have 20,000 words written, edited, and