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World Cup.

I wanted to warn you in the title, in case you hate soccer, sports, or the World Cup. Cause that’s all we are discussing today. Because people, I love the World Cup. Back when AnnieBlogs was just a twinkle in my MacBook’s eyes [so pre-November 2006], I used to be an avid soccer player. And

Cape Town? More like NEED-A-CAPE TOWN!

I haven’t slept much. As indicated by the lame joke in the title of this post. But it is really cold. As in, it would help if I had a cape to wrap myself in. I brought one sweatshirt. I will wear it every day and you shouldn’t judge me for that. I’m serving God.

Annie’s shoes.

I have a friend named Annie. On Sunday, I called her to go shoe shopping with me and instead, she GAVE me her shoes. The same shoes that took her to Africa a few months ago will take me to Africa tomorrow. Somewhere, in my mind, is rolling around the depth of this idea- two

Smile, Wednesday… uh… Tuesday.

So that whole video about getting my license was so dumb I couldn’t even expose you to it. It would have been wrong. Trust me. I care about you too much to make you watch 4 minutes of my idiot self, in my car, discussing the ups and downs of our government departments. Instead, here’s

Edamame and Deadliest Catch.

These are the things I’m partaking of right now. At 12:50am. After a seven hour shift at the taco restaurant. Which, I don’t really have the time or energy to express all the emotions that are surrounding the taco situation right now, but trust me that they are there. I’m a whiner. And I don’t

See? It will be like that.

Notice that I didn’t blog yesterday? AND I’M OKAY WITH THAT. And see those 119 blog posts that are waiting in my google reader? I IGNORED THEM last night because I wanted to watch the American Idol finale. Dear 119 bloggers, it’s not you. It’s me. In fact, I love you enough to not skim