Tag: Chatting at the sky


The trees. Emily. Her dear family. The stories told while laying around in pajamas. Warm days and cool nights. Lunch conversations that light fires. Nester and Mr. Gary. Rounds of Old Maid and Go Fish with giggling kids. A comfy bed in a warm house. The soul talks with other writers that really KNOW what

Weekend is upon us.

And aren’t we all just grateful? I know I am. For starters, I missed my blog birthday. And if you recall how I feel about my REAL birthday, it is absolutely ridiculous that I would forget my blog birthday. Apparently I forgot in 2007, in 2008, and believe it or not, I forgot in 2009.

My k(in)d of weekend.

I had one of those weekends. The k(in)d that just absolutely blesses the deepest part of your soul. Holley and Stephanie are two of my very favorite people ever. They both love me like we were born from the same family and I’ve always wanted older sisters. Jen makes me laugh and I love hearing