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I drank a piece of cake.

A few things before we get to the topic at hand [I literally DRANK a piece of cake!]: – I read every.single.thing you recommended last week. Thank you so much. – For your sweet comments regarding my soon-to-be-released book, thank you so much. – For your co-love of Mumford & Sons, thank you very much.

Chicago Fire!

So you know how I feel about professional soccer. I heart it. Mucho. After an amazing week at Lake Geneva Youth Camp, I rode the train back to Chicago to hang a few days with one of my besties, Betsy. If there is anything I have learned about myself as a speaker, it is this:

My Mocha Club desk.

I don’t know if this is a new series I’m starting or if I’m just completely weird, but ever since I wrote about my writing table a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to show you my desk at Mocha Club as well. 1. The desk itself- a folding table. Impressivo, eh? But listen, in the


So I’m in Chicago. Remember that five of my eight jobs are portable. So I’m working. Don’t worry about that. And after lunch yesterday, Betsy, Lyndsay, and I went to the Field Museum. [I like museums. I like them so much that I handed Anita the iPhone over to Betsy and said, “You keep this