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The breakfast of muffin-shaped champions.

That title doesn’t work. Cause it sounds like a) I’m saying YOU are muffin-shaped and I would never accuse you of such a thing or b) I’m saying that I’M muffin-shaped and I would never admit that on the blog. [So. With that being said, we press on.] What it means is that I did

Oreo rescue: the update.

Remember that time I tried to make homemade oreos for a birthday party? This is what they looked like. Yikes. I know. And if it is possible, they actually TASTED worse than they looked. Shocking, but true. After I recovered from the debacle, I called Kathleen. Cause Kathleen knows how to make everything. And after

Parfait perfection.

First of all, thanks for all your sweet birthday well wishes. 29 sure seems to be shaping up beautifully so far. On to the more important bloggy things. Like dessert. So Annie Parsons introduced me to Deb Barnett. And Deb Barnett introduced me to what shall be called “The Dessert That Defined My Summer 2009”.

In what shall be called “The Oreo Fail of 2009”.

I was in such a good mood when I found the recipe for homemade Oreos. A friend of mine is having a birthday party tonight, so I set aside Thursday to bake the night away for the party. Because if there is one thing I don’t [usually] screw up, it’s birthday baked goods. [Now refer

We interrupt our reguarly scheduled blogging to discuss green beans.

Because I really had no idea that fried green beans were uncommon. I was talking with Sophie yesterday and came to realize that if she, queen of all things Southern battered and fried, did not know about said bean delicacy, that maybe it was time that all my people got them some education. In the

Making chocolate chip promises that I find challenging to keep.

It’s 1:23am. That’s stupid.  Why am I up, you ask? Because I, actually, am stupid. I said, “hey, it’ll be fun to make some cookies for my friends.” And that, actually, is fun. Then I said, “Oh, I’ll have to take them to my friends at 8am because I have somewhere to be.” And that