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Tuesday round up!

Gather round, cowgirls [and you cowguys out there]. Let’s round up some Tuesday things. Today at (in)courage, I’ve posted an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from my book. So ride on over there and check out Lead With Laced Up Tennies. When I read books, if I like the book, I try to email the author and say

From Head to Foot :: Update

It’s been a few weeks [maybe even months?] since we talked about the fact that I wrote a book and you can read that book. This blog is not about my book. But the blog and that book have the same author and there could be a chance that you are new here and don’t

Leader’s Guide!

Happy weekend, friends! While I’m not typically a weekend blogger, it is snowing here in Nashville and the idea of exiting my fleece pajamas for any other less snuggly type of clothing seems nightmare-ish. So I shall blog. Which is good. Because I totes forgot to tell you yesterday afternoon when the Leader’s Guide for

Yes, I love technology.

…but not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever. [Name that movie, people.] Here are three reasons why I love technology: #1. My book is available on your Kindle! Here is the link :: http://tinyurl.com/anniesebook [yes, it looks very similar to the tiny url to the regular book-

Just say it.

Well, these last two days have certainly been a whirlwind. Not the scary tornado type, but the awesome warm windy Oz kind. We have no clue how many copies of From Head to Foot have been sold in the first 48 hours, and that doesn’t totally matter. What was awesome was that social media was


First of all, the book comes out today. Yay yay yay! Here is the link :: http://tinyurl.com/anniesbook [By the way, that’s the link that I implore you to share with your social media world. Thanks.] Thanks again to Westbow Press. I could not have done this without them. Literally. Now. Let’s talk about Seattle. It

Bloggites, you win. You always do.

So because you always win, you get first dibs on buying my book. I wanted to do something special for my blog friends to celebrate the release of the book, so I made some calls and this is what me and my buddies pulled together. Here are the details: – Autographed [by me!!!] copy of

My welcome home.

Five hour flight from Honolulu to San Francisco. Two hour layover in San Fran. Minus the Tanner family. [Full House joke!] Five hour flight from San Francisco to Atlanta. One hour drive to Marietta. One hour with the family at home. Three and a half hour drive to Nashville. That’s a serious amount of travel.

Your book questions. My book answers.

Two weeks. Two weeks from today. Tuesday, December 7th, 2010. That is the day. THE DAY. The day that we will all scurry to Amazon and type in “Annie Downs” and then purchase From Head to Foot. So mark it down, yo. [It may be available on Amazon before the 7th, but if we all

Well. Hope there weren’t any typos.

Because I signed off on the cover and the galley. So pretty much I put my pen to paper and signed my name, saying, “so… if there are any issues on the inside of this little puppy, it’s totally my fault.” Which. Truly. Some of the jokes are so dumb in this book that you