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Chicago Fire!

So you know how I feel about professional soccer. I heart it. Mucho. After an amazing week at Lake Geneva Youth Camp, I rode the train back to Chicago to hang a few days with one of my besties, Betsy. If there is anything I have learned about myself as a speaker, it is this:

Your Grammy Qs.

Sorry for the delay, bloggites. Moving ruled my life [my friends who helped me move are the bomb and I never use that term unless I am feeling very cheesy and appreciative] and now I’m in the new house. And my bed is caddy-corner. I know. Very lady-like. Focus. I need to focus. So I

Grammy time.

Ok. Let’s do this. Let’s talk Grammys. There is no way. Absolutely no way. For me to do justice to the event. I’m not going to go hour by hour telling you all the people we saw and hung out with, the things we ate [though I am talking about that at Annie Gets Fit


Get it? Cause I’ll be at the Grammys? Gram-MEs? Oh, and some legitimately famous people will be there too. Obviously. But just in case you needed a reminder [I bet you didn’t because hello I can’t quit talking about it], watch the Grammys tonight and let’s keep our fingers crossed that Lady A wins both

For your viewing pleasure.

Well, for about 10 hours, the inside of my blog was broken. I don’t know how to explain that any better except to say that WOW THAT WAS FRIGHTENING [cause I thought, for a while, that the ole snoozle blog might be the last thing you hear from AnnieBlogs, and what a dumb way to

January 31, 2010.

Is going to be a seriously exciting Sunday night. Cause I’m GOING. TO. THE. GRAMMYS. Yep. THESE GRAMMYS. Are. you. dying?!? Cause I. am. dying. [in a good way] Let me back up and explain. One of my dearest friends in Nashville in Hillary. Hillary is in a country group called Lady Antebellum. We had