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Why Jamie-Grace?

Jamie-Grace and I met a year and a half ago at a Mac Powell country concert. Here’s what. I thought she was really cool and my friends who know her LOVE her, so Mac’s wife introduced us and we both were like, “whoaaaaaaa I think we should be real friends.” And so it began. We

Wednesday is a list.

Instead of pictures. Sorry ’bout it. I just have an absolutely insane week and to try to compose anything more than a list would cause my head to explode. Yuck. List. Here we go. 1. CMAs It is a big week in Nashville- CMA Awards and the like. Make sure you watch the awards tonight

January 31, 2010.

Is going to be a seriously exciting Sunday night. Cause I’m GOING. TO. THE. GRAMMYS. Yep. THESE GRAMMYS. Are. you. dying?!? Cause I. am. dying. [in a good way] Let me back up and explain. One of my dearest friends in Nashville in Hillary. Hillary is in a country group called Lady Antebellum. We had