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Have Nots Foundation

It’s about time I came out with my own foundation. [I don’t know why that statement is true. It’s actually probably not true. But I’m keeping it.] And this foundation isn’t going to be “raising money” or “an actual foundation” or anything like that. So don’t worry. But I was taking with my friend Marie

We interrupt our reguarly scheduled blogging to discuss green beans.

Because I really had no idea that fried green beans were uncommon. I was talking with Sophie yesterday and came to realize that if she, queen of all things Southern battered and fried, did not know about said bean delicacy, that maybe it was time that all my people got them some education. In the

A real fixer-upper.

This is maybe one of the top 5 things that happened in my world this week. For sure and for certain one of the funniest. And as this story was unfolding, I couldn’t help but think, “I can’t wait to blog about this.” Wednesday, I took my friend Jason to pick up his car from

Making chocolate chip promises that I find challenging to keep.

It’s 1:23am. That’s stupid.  Why am I up, you ask? Because I, actually, am stupid. I said, “hey, it’ll be fun to make some cookies for my friends.” And that, actually, is fun. Then I said, “Oh, I’ll have to take them to my friends at 8am because I have somewhere to be.” And that

I heart the weekend recap. Part 1.

All I’m saying is that I had NO IDEA that you people would feel so strongly about bathroom tile.  Up next, the laundry room!! 🙂  But for realz.  Thanks for all the sweet comments.  God is so good to us, isn’t He? Speaking of that, I had a mini-dream come true this weekend.  This is