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When What You Want Brings Joy and Sadness

The older I get, the more I realize I can’t often just categorize experiences as GOOD or BAD, painful or happy. It seems that events and moments tend to mix together like a casserole. I had an experience like this recently, and wrote about it over at (in)courage. It’s important to me to be honest with

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I wish I really was at a ranch. Particularly Ree’s ranch. Her show on Food Network makes me want to hang out on her ranch and eat her snacks and ride a horse and brand a cattle. Okay, but really. Here on the ranch known as Annie’s life… Well. This was a major thing. Marie

Week 2 of the Bloom Book Club!

Oh friends. So we are on week two of the (in)courage Bloom Book Club. It has already been such a fun experience, connecting with HUNDREDS of readers around the world as they discuss chapters from Let’s All Be Brave. It feels weird, honestly. But a good weird- a “how in the world did God pick

My Favorite Friday.

I love this Friday. I love getting things for cheapity cheap cheap. In fact, my parents just gave me two pieces of luggage yesterday for my birthday. [In July. Of 2011. And 2012. We just get gifts at any point… it’s more exciting that way.] And we bought it with Black Friday sales prices and

Some things you interview me about.

So today, I think you should interview me. Ready? Go. . . . . . Hey Annie. What were you doing in Grand Rapids yesterday? Well, that’s not really what today’s post is about, but I’ll tell ya. I was getting to meet with a bunch of youth pastors that will be bringing girls to

And now I’m at the beach.

I may have forgotten to mention in all of the Perfectly Unique hullabaloo, but the (in)courage gals and I have officially retreated. It’s a thing we do, this crazy group of writers. We take a few days, once a year, and all convene in one beach house and hug and cry and laugh and chat

Ready to run.

Not “Ready To Run” like the Dixie Chicks. More like the kind of running we’ll be doing here in Nashville in October for the Color Run! I’ll tell you something that I’ve never done. Run a full 5K. I’ve finished a bunch of them, but I certainly haven’t RUN the entire 3.1 miles ever in

Tuesday round up!

Gather round, cowgirls [and you cowguys out there]. Let’s round up some Tuesday things. Today at (in)courage, I’ve posted an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from my book. So ride on over there and check out Lead With Laced Up Tennies. When I read books, if I like the book, I try to email the author and say

What I’m reading….

Holley Gerth did an amazing post on (in)courage called Cyber Sabbath. Let me recommend you read it and let me recommend you live it. [I’m starting to take the Sabbath seriously. I think we all should.] This post on Rabbit Room about authors having small houses in which they write makes me jealous and excited

A Monday List.

1. Thank you for all your prayers on Saturday. It was a good day. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t my best showing. It was a good reminder that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. [It feels stupid to say that; I know it is true, but it feels like a cop-out way of