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Smile, Wednesday: Scotland stuff.

I know. It’s been a week. Even when I had my tonsils out I continued to blog. But apparently when I live in another first world country, I can’t fit it into my schedule. [That’s not truly the reason.] Here’s the thing. I’m processing so many things. I feel like the dryer of my soul

In honor of my friends.

I wrote about my Nash-friends today over at (in)courage. The piece is called A Moment of Bliss. Here is some inside scoop I didn’t put in the article: a.   we danced the night away b.   to the point that the people who owned the place asked if monkeys had been there [because of

A book I won’t write.

Y’all know I wrote a book. And it is getting published by Westbow. And on Monday, there will be celebrations and confetti and explosions and a sneak peek at the back cover and the book will be turned in and the next step will begin. What is that next step? Yeah…. I dunno. I’ll tell

My k(in)d of weekend.

I had one of those weekends. The k(in)d that just absolutely blesses the deepest part of your soul. Holley and Stephanie are two of my very favorite people ever. They both love me like we were born from the same family and I’ve always wanted older sisters. Jen makes me laugh and I love hearing

Twirling… into the weekend.

I have literally never said this before and I’m afraid I will never say it again. But this article, Turning, is probably my favorite thing I’ve had the pleasure of writing. I’m so so proud that I get to post it at (in)courage– it’s like my beach house for writing, so I go there as

Post-Sunday sundries

Part A: I’m 30. Thank you for all your sweet words on my birthday last week. I can’t wait to tell you all about the party my dear friends threw for me. It blew me away. For realz. Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite. I mean, are you dying or are you dying?!? How

Around the internet in 7 clicks.

I have so many things to tell you about. Just things. That are great. And I’m a big believer in sharing. So let’s do it. EASY CLICK OF THE WEEK: My sweet friend Natalie has made it to the Top 10 to win a worldwide travel internship. Would you take literally two seconds to vote


While I’m hanging out with my peeps at home, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things. I have a new article up at (in)courage. It’s all about the song “There’s A Hole In My Bucket.” Obviously. I wrote a new post on the ole Annie Gets Fit blog. There is a

Grace. Etc.

First of all, you people love you some instructional videos. I feel like linen closets near and far are being transformed. Brings a tear to my organizational eye to hear so many of you making strides in folding areas of your life. I salute you, new members of the fold. [Literally.] I’m so stinkin’ glad

Merry Click-mas.

That’s not disrespectful to the baby Jesus. I just have some links for you, and thinking you might enjoy a little play on words, I went for it. Forgive me if you are offended. First of all, today is my day to post over at (in)courage. And, because I tackle the deep and moving topics,