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Smile, Wednesday… uh… Tuesday.

So that whole video about getting my license was so dumb I couldn’t even expose you to it. It would have been wrong. Trust me. I care about you too much to make you watch 4 minutes of my idiot self, in my car, discussing the ups and downs of our government departments. Instead, here’s

Smile Wednesday #7: iPhone edition

It’s been far too long since we had a Smile Wednesday up in here. [Like, since October, which is just ridiculous. I apologize. Sincerely.] And all these photos were taken using Anita, my new best friend iPhone. She’s such a champ.  I can remember life without her, but I don’t prefer it. Here’s a fun

March comes in like a …. list?

Sure it does. *It for real comes in like an abominable snow man because GOOD GRAVY PETE it is cold here in Nashville.  24 degrees?  No thank you, March. *Meet my new best friend iPhone. Her name is Anita.  She’s about the cutest thing goin’.  I’m excited. A little bit.  A lot bit. [Anita is